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Jul 6, 2016 >> Charleston by Bike: #YES

G&F BLOG_Kirk Chambers Zero George Bike Tour Charleston

We camped out in charming Charleston, South Carolina for our latest travel featureAs if Charleston wasn’t charming enough, we rented a couple complimentary bicycles at Zero George for some sight seeing at a different perspective. We went on a cruise with Photographer Kirk Chambers who gave us a scenic bike tour of Charleston, and showed us how to work the camera to capture all of Charleston’s right angles. You can actually book Kirk’s services through Zero George’s Photography Package, which gives you a choice between a 3 or 5-hour session to explore the city like a local—and give you Instagram feed some major street cred.


Kirk took us through the French Quarter Area and South of Broad neighborhood–great spots for Charleston newbies. Hampton Park, White Point Garden and the Farmers Market at Madison Square are Kirk’s other go-to locations for photogenic inspiration. We quickly learned that it doesn’t matter what equipment you’re working with or your experience level to capture the one-of-a-kind beauty of Charleston. But Kirk does have a ton of tip, tricks and hacks to get the best shot.

“On the iPhone I use the exposure adjuster a lot,” explains Kirk. “When you press on the screen to focus on a subject, you’ll see a sun icon next to the yellow square. Slide this up and down to get the best exposure. After that, I’ll edit my photos in the VSCO app. They have some amazing presets that don’t make your photo look fake or over edited.”

Kirk heads up a creative media company with his brothers, appropriately named Brothers and Craft. Watch on and explore with us as Kirk explains what makes Charleston a photographer’s dream, and the best places to capture the city’s magical light, lively streetscapes and wondrous natural beauty.

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