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Apr 12, 2016 >> This Presidio Cocktail is Password Protected! [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Presidio Gin Cocktail

We enlisted the help of our favorite Wicker Park jaunt to whip up a cocktail perfect for Spring. Nestled on Damen Ave, Presidio boasts a moody, dimly-lit space ideal for sipping crafted cocktails and lounging away the night—or day. They’re teaching us how to shake up a gin-based cocktail that pays homage to the prohibition era, and with flavor profiles that give a nod to our Josephine Baker-inspired Spring fashion shoot. From stage right enters: The Flash in the Pan. 

Owner Patrick Cullen describes this menu mainstay as the perfect combination of refreshing, sweet and a little spicy—all done up in a gorgeous presentation. Because who doesn’t love a pretty drink?! He also explains this crowd-favorite cocktail is very “drinkable” making it perfect on it’s own or paired with a spicy dish, like Presidio’s Tagliatelle with Carnitas. And other spirits on Patrick’s mind? “I always love a Negroni or a Martinez.” Says Patrick. “We also have a cocktail called Bullfights on Acid made with brandy, sloe gin, spiced raspberries and topped with tonic—perfectly refreshing and I have to stop myself from enjoying more than two!”


Watch the video above and follow the recipe below to create this seriously sexy cocktail. Curious of how to make the Cherry Syrup, too? They kindly explain: Heat up 1 quart tart cherry juice, 1 quart white sugar and 4 tablespoons dustless black pepper in a small sauce pan. When sugar is completely dissolved remove from heat and cool. The Flash in the Pan may be all the Spring inspiration you need to channel your inner goddess.

Presidio, 1749 N. Damen, 773.697.3315 +