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Mar 30, 2016 >> Fashion DIY’s Done Right! [VIDEO]

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Nothing pleases us more at G&F than a good ol’ fashion do-it-yourself project. There’s something empowering about gathering up inspiration and creatively crafting—because you never know what it may actually turn into. We looked to stylist and wardrobe extraordinaire Whitney Middleton to serve up the best Spring accessories that we can craft ourselves. Whitney takes us through the inspiring runways of Christopher Kane all the way to Lanvin for 3 levels of DIYs—easy, medium and hard. And did we mention that they’re all under $15? Because everyone can buy expensive fashion, but it really takes a unique perspective to have style. 

Besides being our main source of hairspiration, Whitney knows a thing or two about creating custom looks to bring personal style to life. She even had a hand in creating Chance the Rapper’s bad ass light-reflective wardrobe for his Pitchfork performance last year. “The right costuming can really take a set to the next level by adding physical imagery and elevating the artist to aspirational.” Says Whitney. “I’ve done hand sewing, weaving, appliqué, embroidery, beading, glow and LED designs – you name it!”


We promise that no expert skills are needed for these easy-peasy Spring DIYs. We stepped into the home of Chicago artist Brian Stanziale—a veritable cabinet of curious art projects—and the perfect location to channel inspiration and create! Watch our Spring accessories DIY extravaganza and find a step-by-step guide below. As always, we’re having major fun and getting inspired to kick our accessory game up a notch.

RUNWAY INSPIRATION: Christopher Kane Spring 2016 + Versace Fall 2016
SUPPLIES: Craft Smart craft ties, $6.99 + scissors

HOW-TO: Pick out colors & determine your design (necklace, bracelet, etc.) // Determine size of link by inserting pointed end of tie into the fastener end // Make sure the smooth side of the tie is facing out // Pull slowly until you hear a click & zip sound // Once you’ve made your ideal link size, clip the excess end of the tie about 1/8 inch from the fastener (keep the excess piece handy) // Loop your next tie through the link you just made and create an interlocking link by securing through the fastener // Using the excess piece you clipped as a guide, replicate the size of your link // Clip excess end of tie 1/8 inch from fastener // Then repeat until your vision is complete // To close bracelets & chokers, loop final tie through both end links & secure through fastener.



LEVEL: Medium
RUNWAY INSPIRATION: Chloe Spring 2016 + Dries Van Noten Spring 2016
SUPPLIES: Denim piece (jeans, jacket, shorts, etc.) + liquid bleach + small dish + flat paintbrush + scissors

PRO TIP: No need to purchase denim—this is a great opportunity to clean out your closet. Search for denim you’re not really wearing, or maybe invite friends to do the same and swap pieces.

HOW-TO: Try on the denim piece and mark the cut point with a pin or light pen mark // Take off denim & lay flat // Trace a cut line or cut along the pin line you made // If cutting sleeves or pant legs, cut one side at a time (use excess denim as a guide for other side) // Pour a capful of bleach into small dish // Dip paintbrush into bleach to coat brush surface, wiping away excess // Place brush end about 1/2 inch up from base of cut hem & apply bleach to denim in downward strokes, moving from 1/2 inch point down and along hem // Dip in bleach as needed, but don’t oversaturate the fabric // Repeat as much as needed to achieve desired bleach color // Rinse bleached hems in cold water & lay flat to dry

PRO TIPS: Once dry, distress and fray bleached hems by lightly going over surface with a nail file. Also, bleach will continue to desaturate the denim color over time. You may want to apply a small amount of bleach at first, then go back if further bleaching is desired.

COST PER PROJECT: Around $10 in supplies + denim


RUNWAY INSPIRATION: Alexander Wang Spring 2016 + Lanvin Spring 2016 + Marc Jacobs Spring 2016
SUPPLIES: Jewelry making pliers, $4.99 + 10mm jump rings, $2.99 + Lobster closures, $3.99 + random assorted trinkets

PRO TIP: Broken jewelry or jewelry pieces you’re not wearing much is a great place to look for trinkets.

HOW-TO: Pick out trinkets for bag charm // Set aside an equal number of jump rings as trinkets // Lightly bend open jump rings using pliers // Place jump ring around charm piece & close ends together to secure //

Attach 1 jump ring to the base of the lobster closure & attach a 2nd jump ring to the first one // Repeat until 3-4 jump rings are attached to base of lobster closure // Attach charm pieces to each other by attaching to jump ring chain // Make sure you’re fully bending the rings closed once you’ve linked them // Determine where to add your lobster closure by linking to the last jump ring in your chain // You’ll want to be able to hang the group of charms from the closure // Secure closure & hang charm off of a handbag, backpack, belt loop, etc.

COST PER PROJECT: Around $13 in supplies + random trinkets

See more of Whitney’s work at