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Feb 10, 2016 >> Punch Drunk Love with Buck’s! [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Bucks Vday Punch

It’s finally the season of love here at G&F and we’re totally falling for a punchy cocktail that gets us into the Valentine’s Day spirit. We stopped by Wicker Park’s newest southern-themed hangout, Buck’s, to create the perfect punch bowl for any V-day plans you may have. Buck’s Beverage Director Steve Fauser teaches us how to swizzle up a house favorite—The Birthday Suit—punch bowl style.

Before you whip up some serious cocktail chemistry, Steve recommends making a cranberry and lemon rum infusion that’s super easy and a delicious way to add even more flavor to the drink. In a large mason jar add one bag of lightly crushed cranberries, two lemon rinds, two tablespoons of sugar and three cups of your favorite rum. Steve uses Funky Rum, but mentions any rum will work for an infusion. Then just screw on the cap and keep at room temperature for at least four days, but can sit for as long as a few weeks, then voila!


And to really impress your valentines add some Oleo Saccharum—aka lemon sugar aka a mixologists secret to getting the most out of citrus. Steve suggests removing the zest of four lemons in wide strips and placing in a container. Cover with ½ cup of sugar and shake, then simply keep at room temp for at least three hours.

Now that we have our accoutrements ready, we’re ready for a little punch buzzed love. Watch our video tutorial and fall in love with The Birthday Suit. What better way to celebrate all the loves in your life than with a bowl of spiked punch for all to share. Or maybe skip the work, grab your honey and have The Birthday Suit all mixed up for you at Buck’s.

Buck’s, 1700 W. Division, 773.384.9700 and visit

Photos courtesy of Buck’s