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Dec 29, 2015 >> Winter Greens Reinvented!

G&F Blog_Christine Janda

We invited design enthusiast Christine Janda to our Holiday Detox & Retox night—see the event here!—to help spread some extra holiday cheer. Armed with winter greens and trimmings that would make the Walnut Room jealous, Christine walked guests through a simple 101 on making the perfect floral crowns for the season. But what happens when all the presents are unwrapped and the winter green swag on your door starts to sag? We asked Christine a few ways to revitalize your happy winter greens and other oddball trimmings to usher in a brand new year of cool. Her answers? Uber creative, unfussy and oh-so-sweet—just like her. 


  1. Mix Your Metals with Pine: Snip a few branches off your fresh tree at Christmas. 
  2. Find a tall vessel, one that won’t tip. Strip the pine needles off of the lower half of the branch, to fit nicely into your vase.
  3. Spray metallic gold, bronze and silver paint onto your branches. Place inside your vase for a dramatic, gilded, New Years Eve centerpiece. 


  1. Pluck a few pieces of pine + yank a few small ornaments—in metallics and pops of color, of course!
  2. Wrap pieces of tinsel around a wide hair clip or headband.
  3. Glue all to hair clip or headband for an updated—but seasonally appropriate—NYE tiara.


  1. Gather beaded garland, tinsel and pieces of greenery from around the house.
  2. Tie all onto a 5′ piece of ribbon. Repeat. 
  3. Place ribbon strands on a wall or in a door frame for your own festive photo booth backdrop to ring in the New Year.

Visit—or check out her well-stocked Facebook page—for more information and inspiration.

PHOTO: Michelle Wodzinski for G&F