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Aug 24, 2015 >> We lather up with Soap Distillery [VIDEO]

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It seems only in a land of make-believe one could enjoy an endless indulgence of crafted cocktails without ever producing a hangover. But, Danielle Martin is bringing us one step closer to this fictitious circumstance. Danielle owns Soap Distillery, a Chicago-based Etsy shop devoted to handmade bath and body products inspired by cocktails. And we promise these suds, scrubs and bubbles will never leave you smelling like a hipster barback with an affinity for Bourbon, but instead indulging your body in the sensorial experience—think vanilla, vetiver and clove.

It all started with an attraction to high end spirits and serious fatigue within the soap aisle. Frustrated with the lack of natural options, Danielle put her boozy soap ideas to the test. And well, the rest is history. Squeaky clean history, that is. Soap Distillery was born in 2012 with the goal to provide sustainable and organic products that look great, feel great and smell like an intoxicated dream. Get a peek behind the soap making process with Danielle as we talk all things boozy without the hangover.


As for the ultimate scent for fall? “I’d say, a walnut Manhattan,” says Danielle. “A manhattan with walnut bitters, and both the Fig Bitters and Bourbon soaps! Gets me right in the mood for leaves changing.” And since Danielle is not only a soap expert, but also a savvy spirit drinker, we couldn’t help but pick her brain on where to grab a cocktail in the city. She cites The Whistler as source of inspiration. “They are doing some phenomenally creative and delicious cocktails over there,” she explains. 

Need a little creative inspo to swizzle up you own suds? Danielle recommends starting out with melt and pour soap, and experimenting from there before getting your hands messing with sodium hydroxide. “Melt and pour soap is already saponified so the chemical reaction between the oils, lye and liquid has already happened—plus, it’s fun to play with!”

While the video above gives a topline—and tipsy!—overview of making soap from scratch, Danielle offers a wide range of soaps, scrubs and other body products to purchase on her Etsy page. So go ahead and have a morning shower with a mai tai, or have a midday shave with some scotch.