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Aug 25, 2015 >> Relax, Chicago, Soothe is here

G&F BLOG_Soothe Review

It might seem like a dream—an Uber-like app dedicated to on-demand massages? Well, believe it, relaxation lovers, it’s out there and waiting for you to use. Meet Soothe, the massage-on-demand service that is aimed to deliver a licensed therapist straight to your doorstep. And this delivery is even better than late night pizza.

Already in 11 other areas, Soothe launched early this summer in the Windy City, providing Chicagoland residents a more convenient way to Ooh and Aah. We put the app to the test—tough job, don’t you think?!—to vet their I-can’t-believe-it’s-true reputation. The result? A mid-workday massage that relaxed us to the core and let us go on with our day like nothing ever happened. Total win/win here.

So here’s how it went down. Under pressure to launch the G&F Fall Fashion + Beauty issue (see our two big anchor stories here and here), we downloaded the Soothe app and signed up. Within a few minutes, we had booked a same-day massage to suit our needs—after a weekend bender, we needed a 90-minute deep tissue. But options for Swedish and couples massages are available as well, anywhere from an hour to—sigh!—two.

Fast forward and Chris, a licensed and insured massage therapist who has been practicing for thirteen years, rang the door bell. After quick set up, the massage commenced. Our favorite part of the experience? We had full control of the music. For those who don’t have the soundtrack covered, Chris said he has standard massage tunes. But who wants to hear Enya wannabe’s when you can work out the kinks to, well, The Kinks. Or, in our case, Pandora’s Nina Simone station.

Without parking hassles and waiting to check out (you pay for your service—including tip!—directly through the app), the process seemed more focused on creating a spa-like atmosphere that minimized hassle and maximized ultimate comfort and relaxation. As we finished the last few minutes of our massage, Chris packed his table and left. It wasn’t until a few moments later when we were back to work that it even seemed like it happened. The only way we really could know for sure? That pain in our neck—all gone.

Massages start at $99 for 60 minutes, $139 for 90 minutes and $169 for 120 minutes. Download the app at to get started.