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Aug 20, 2015 >> BBQueen! #5Minutes With Leah Chavie


Smokey charcoal may be the secret to a killer brisket, or just the aroma to spiral us into summer nostalgia, but now we’re sneaking it into our skincare routine for a little R&R. With the summer-to-fall transition comes frustrating skin situations that can cause annoying breakouts and build ups. We talked to skincare guru Leah Chavie about her latest and greatest spa treatment for these warmer temps, infused with a summer essential: charcoal.

Leah Chavie’s Smokey Sulfur Treatment features a blackened mask infused with sulfur to absorb impurities your sun-kissed skin may be harboring. Not only experience a 30-minute relaxation sesh, but feel rejuvenated as Leah cleanses, tones and miraculously draws toxins out your pores for a smooth, polished complexion. Discover the many more benefits of charcoal below as Leah sounds off on her favorite products, and other expert tips to keep you skin so fresh this summer it needs #nofilter.

Let’s talk charcoal benefits—what are they?
Charcoal in products are ideal for clients with acne as it helps control oil production. It also helps fight bacteria that causes breakouts. It purifies and rids of impurities, excess sebum and other toxins, while naturally exfoliating the face. ​Bamboo charcoal also contains natural antioxidants that will help fight hard to reach acne-causing bacteria while revitalizing at the same time.

We love Japanese charcoal soap—do you have a favorite kind?
At the boutique we use ​the Revision Black Mask, which comes from European freshwater lakes, and is ideal for all skin types. We also use ​the Konjac Sponge with Charcoal, which is amazing for sensitive skin and clients prone to acne. ​

How do people continue to get the benefits of the treatment after they leave you?
The ​Black M​ask by Revision can be purchased at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique—this gets rid of toxins by hydrating. Just put on for 10-15 minutes to tighten up the skin​. To exfoliate, use this product and add ​a​ little ​brown ​sugar to exfoliate, then rinse with a cool washcloth to close the pores. You can also purchase the Konjac Sponge with charcoal at the boutique. Continue to shed toxins from the skin by staying hydrated and ​eating greens!

And when you’re not spa-ing with charcoal, where can we find you enjoying your favorite BBQ in the city?
I ​love my​ Weber Q! ​During the summer I grill out at home all the time. However, when I am not grilling something up myself, I go to Green Street Market in the West Loop.

Leah’s Smokey Sulfur Treatment, $55, available by appointment only by calling 773.327.7051. For more information, visit LeahChavie,com