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30 miles off the oyster-laden shores of Cape Cod but an eternity away, NANTUCKET is as fabled an island as they come. The ferry drops you off at a bustling wharf whose cobblestone streets spread like Virginia Creeper to a haven of like-minded cedar shingled buildings housing the most inspiring of individuals and businesses. There is an undeniable quaintness mixed with an air of playful mischief—Nantucket is the perfect playground for a summer getaway.

At the very top of Main Street—with an elevated position that gives a real sense of place in what locals simply call “Town”—is 76 MAIN, a pristinely kept boutique inn worth its weight in Nantucket honey. It goes without saying that we found the well-kept property on Mr & Mrs Smith. The coveted Main Street address is just one of the many perks of the stylish digs. Don’t even get us started on their private courtyard—perfected with wicker furniture and nestled between flagstone and flora. Their plush beds and kimono robes could have kept us holed up all day, but we donned our best Breton stripes and espadrilles in search of adventure.

We perused America’s finest summer colony for interesting personalities tied to the culture and social pulse of the island. From the ultimate lobster roll recipe to the coolest sustainable knitwear, follow our Summer Travel Guide as we navigate Nantucket’s whimsical American nostalgia. >>

G&F TRAVEL_nantucket travel feature_Proprietors Lobster Roll

We practiced our perfect lobsta accent all weekend, and now we’re putting it to use at Nantucket’s culinary stomping ground The Proprietors Bar + Table. The menu stays true to Nantucket flavors, but draws global inspiration while sourcing local ingredients. We got a behind-the-scene look—and recipe!—with Executive Chef TOM BERRY’s island famous lobster roll.

His signature roll all started with his food truck Blue Bellies, and now gets dished out on the reg at the newest addition to ACK’s cuisine scene. The mouth-watering recipe adds a kick of Asian flair, but still keeps the flavor of the lobster as the star. And how could we forget about that buttered bun. We’ll take about five more lobsta rolls, please!

Wanna eat like a local? Tom suggests Pi Pizza:”It’s my home away from home. I always order a pizza with olive, hot peppers, arugula and broccoli rabe.” or Miacomet Golf Course: “For lunch in the summer, it’s great to get out of the craziness of town and relax by the golf course. I usually have a salmon wrap or caesar. Cisco Brewery after is a must.”

The Proprietor’s Bar + Table, 9 India Street, 508.228.7477


G&F TRAVEL_nantucket travel feature_Isobel and Cleo Charlotte Hess

Isobel + Cleo is not your grandma’s knitwear. Founder CHARLOTTE HESS weaves together cozy luxuries with the most innovative, unique and tactile yarns—think alpaca! Silk! Chiffon! Conceived in Glasgow, Scotland, Charlotte now knits up her worldly-influenced designs at her bright and airy Nantucket studio. Her knitted garments lay among a curated collection of ethically-responsible, independent designers, which affirms the community and creative spirit of the island.

“When people say ‘It takes a village’ to accomplish something special,” says Charlotte, “No where is this more true than Nantucket—we all help and want each other to succeed.” Watch below as we dish with Charlotte on island life and entrepreneurship, and don’t miss the cameos by her mischievous Great Dane pup Frankie.

Topping Charlotte’s must-shop list? Scrub Oak, Sweet Liddle (at 19 Old South Wharf) and Bodega.

Isobel + Cleo, 38 Centre Street, 508.257.3032

 G&F TRAVEL_Nantucket Cape Cod Travel Issue_Nantucket Town Map

Have a long weekend? We’ve got a few of our favorite haunts to check out before you hop the ferry back to the mainland. Book your stay at 76 MAIN (1). Start your AM off right at HANDLEBAR CAFE (5) and be sure to ask owner Jason for info on Nantucket by Bike. For a quick bite for lunch, check out FRESH (19) and NANTUCKET PASTY CO (15). After a visit to the WHALING MUSEUM (14), enjoy Happy Hour bites and sips (read: more oysters) at CRU (11). We love dinner at THE PROPRIETOR’S BAR + TABLE (2), THE NAUTILUS (8), THE PEARL (10) and LOLA 41 (13)—for a more casual option, try Pi Pizzeria or Lola Burger. After dinner, let loose at the BOARDING HOUSE (10), THE CLUB CAR (8) or The Chicken Box.

For shopping: stop into housewares superstar BODEGA (6), knitwear extraordinaire ISOBEL + CLEO (4), beauty mavens FOLLAIN (12), and fashion stand-outs THE LOVELY (17) and MILLY + GRACE (7). Plus, Nantucket staples MURRAY’S TOGGERY SHOP (16) and CRAFTMASTERS OF NANTUCKET (3). Stoll OLD SOUTH WHARF (18) for local designers, galleries and artisans.

G&F TRAVEL_nantucket travel feature_Shopping

G&F TRAVEL_Nantucket Travel Issue_Holly Finigan Nantucket Blackboook

After nine years of bartending wild summers on the island, Holly Finigan realized her patrons kept consulting her for the best places and faces to see in Nantucket. With some liquid confidence, Holly began jotting down the notes she passed out as well as the gossip she spied—The NANTUCKET BLACKBOOK was born! Holly brings her concierge service to life online as a go-to resource for all things fresh and happening on the rock. We snag some juicy gossip over BOHO drinks.

Her love for Nantucket has no bounds, explaining the uniqueness of the island is filled with storied history that lives in the cobblestones and town piers. From the best beach to the best place to grab a glass of rose, this island social butterfly let us in on the ultimate day in Nantucket. 

Holly’s seven steps to the Perfect ACK day? Ready. Set. Go: 1. Coffee and a wicked island morning bun at Handlebar. 2. Fisherman’s beach for some Vitamin D. 3. Lunch on a Nantucket Babe Sandwich from Fresh. 4. Indulge in a glass of rose at CRU with friends. 5. Sushi dinner at LoLa 41. 6. Seal the deal with cocktails and dessert at The Pearl. 7. And if there’s a band, groove at The Chicken Box.

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G&F TRAVEL_nantucket travel feature_Yoho Raw Bar Clam Chowder

We rolled up our pant legs for some good ol’ fashioned clam digging with the Chowder King—admittedly without a crown—who’s serving up the freshest shellfish on Nantucket. BRIAN CULLEN turned his love of cooking and hanging out on the beach into a full-fledged biz named The Yoho Raw Bar—serving up chowder, clam bakes, boils and frys for events across the island. And his outings all come with the same salty charm that has become synonymous with the business.

“I enjoy sharing what I know with people to give them a glimpse of coastal living that they otherwise would not see,” Brian says. And thus, we witnessed the no-frills whipping up of a batch of Brian’s generation-old clam chowder recipe. Watch below to learn the art of his very tasty craft and try it yourself for a little taste of New England in your own kitchen.

Learn more at

 G&F TRAVEL Nantucket Cape Cod_Richard Blakeley Wellfleet Oysters

Across the bay lies a goldmine of properly produced bivalves. So bright and briny are touted WELLFLEET OYSTERS that they are often considered the best of the breed. A mighty high rank for an area of the country that produces so many oysters. So forgive us while we take a reprieve from Nantucket to exercise a lesson in slurping the arguable best.

But what makes them so good? We could recite very well-respected shellfisherman Richard Blakeley about the cold waters of Wellfleet’s estuaries. Or the really fast moving tides or high salinity that contribute to the distinctive flavor. He spouts off all sorts of marine biology type facts with ease. But there’s something about seeing the “mayor of South Wellfleet” Richard who has been farming for shellfish for over twenty years talk about the fruits de mer with such passion and joy that makes the oysters taste that much better. Just watch—you’ll see what we mean. 

G&F TRAVEL_Nantucket Travel Issue_Cru Kat Dunn Cocktail

We’re serving up a cocktail straight from ACK’s hottest hangout, Cru. The cedar shake oyster bar sits atop a pier—the perfect vantage point for watching the bobbing boats in the harbor and neighborhood regulars. We picked the brain of Cru Cocktail Director KAT DUNN for her favorite local watering holes, some island etiquette and a drink we can whip up right at home. When Kat isn’t concocting recipes from locally-sourced ingredients around the island, you can find her sipping on a can of sake at Nautilus or at The Proprietors drinking a wet Plymouth gin martini. And words of advice for summertime travelers? “Be friendly, be nice, be courteous,” explains Kat. “Your bartenders can be your concierge, your ally, your fun, but not if you don’t treat them right.”

Her gin cocktail—coined the “Lady JuJu’—features a little lemon, a dash of Nantucket honey, and well, you get the idea. Watch the video below to get the full recipe, and shake up a glass of Nantucket charm for yourself tonight.

CRU, 1 STRAIGHT WHARF, 508.228.9278

G&F TRAVEL_nantucket travel feature_76 Main Design

G&F TRAVEL_Nantucket Travel Issue_Nathan Coe Nantucket Pasty Co

The NANTUCKET PASTY CO. bakes up traditional English pies—not to mention the most delicious, too!—all from scratch at it’s charming island storefront. Owner Nathan Coe isn’t only dishing out these portable pies to the seafaring culture, but boasts the freshest selection of Nantucket cold pressed juices. Nathan’s favorite? The Sconset Loop made of orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger and cayenne, named after the beautiful Sconset Bluff walking trail that features gorgeous homes and beaches. Sold!

We chatted with Nathan about his upcoming rebrand of Nantucket Pasty Co and the farm-fresh idea behind his premium grab-and-go concept.

The Nantucket Pasty Co, 10 Broad Street, 508.325.0282

Want to get started on your ACK itinerary? Book 76 Main (from $179) on