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May 27, 2015 >> Shuck Yes! Live Like a Local at Big Rock Oyster [VIDEO]

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Move over lobsta lovers, we’re getting to know the other seafood star of the Cape. As part of The Platinum Pebble’s Live Like a Local packages (read more here), we took an excursion to Big Rock Oyster. Just a hop down the road from the stylish boutique inn’s cozy digs in West Harwich is a whole other world of bivalve-loving industry. And why is innkeeper Mike Hogan so passionate about offering unique off-the-beaten-path? “I love to set guests up with a perfect day on Cape Cod and introduce them to what we love so much about the area,” says Mike. A trip to Big Rock is no exception. And we hear the package is finished off with an oyster and wine pairing tasting at local eatery The Oyster House.


We visited Big Rock Oyster Company to see where our favorite delectable eats come from. The bustling company grows oysters in aquatrays on the tidal flats located off Crow’s Pasture creating a crisp salty taste and delicate texture—no condiments needed. Founder Aaron Brochu toured the farm and showed us the ropes. After all, what’s a New England jaunt without some oysters?

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