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Feb 23, 2015 >> We DIY Pasties with Frenchie Kiss [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Frenchie Kiss Pastie Making

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, we’re still celebrating Love Month on G&F! And what better way to spread the L-O-V-E than to invite a new friend over to our house and take our tops off. Literally. We’re learning all about the tantalizing art of burlesque pastie making in this fun and flirty DIY. Miss Frenchie Kiss aka The Temptress of Twirl takes us step-by-step on how to make the sassy and brassy accoutrement. This Burlesque Hall of Famer knows a thing or two about Oh La La’s, so she’s giving serious pointers on how to be a whirling showstopper. And according to Frechie, the only rule of burlesque pastie making is more sequins! You still might be thinking you read pastry, but drop the r—and your top!—for our most cheeky DIY video yet! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to tease and titillate like you’ve never done before.



The Tremptress of Twirl’s Pastie DIY instructions
What you’ll need:

¼ yard heavy buckram fabric, ¼ yard needlepoint mesh, Aleene’s fabric glue, needle & white thread, scissors, 1 yard sequin trim, ¼ yard beaded or fringe trim, barrel swivels (find in the fishing aisle of Walmart or Target), Sobo Glue

How you do it:
Cut 2 circles (remember: big enough to cover your whole nipple area!) out of the heavy buckram fabric. Fold the buckram circles in half, then open to fold in half the opposite way. Cut along ½ of the fold to create a cone shape. Use fabric glue to glue together.

Cut a big square of needle point mesh. Cut a from the center of one side to the middle of the swatch. Dab fabric glue on bottom of buckram cone to attach the square piece of needlepoint mesh. Using the needle and thread, sew together the buckram and needlepoint mesh along the edge—now you have the base of your pastie. Slide the barrel swivel into the fold of the point of your pastie. Finish by trimming off the excess needlepoint mesh. Use Sobo Glue to strengthen the buckram and needlepoint mesh. Put a dab on the inside and move around with fingers. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Time to add the tantalizing twinkle! Dab a little fabric glue to the front of your pastie. Wrap around the sequin trim starting from the point—make sure to leave the barrel swivel out. Using beaded or fringe trim, cut a two inch run. On the trim, apply glue and roll to create tassel (leaving two pieces of fringe or piece of thread available). Tie your tassel to the barrel swivel. Voila: it’s showtime!

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PHOTO: Vavoom Pinups