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Feb 4, 2015 >> Getting our Mac on with Bon Macaron

G&F BLOG_Bon Macaron
There’s something so romantic about macarons. Maybe it’s the charming color scheme or maybe it’s every dreamy bite of meringue. One thing is certain, we’re falling head over heels for the newest West Town jaunt, Bon Macaron. We’re not the only ones enchanted by the little French pastry, Bon Macaron owner Catherine Cooper has been obsessed since she started making them in culinary school at Ecole Ferrandi Paris. She’s the real deal, folks.

Right in time for Valentine’s day, Catherine is telling us about the greatest result of adoration: imitation. “The history of the macaron is part of the charm for me,” says Catherine. “The beautiful colors and flavors, history and skill involved. It takes hard work, determination and practice.” Catherine opened her shop in 2013 and knew she wanted to recreate the European macaron stateside. Traditionally macarons are gluten free—made with almond meal and no flour. Due to demand, Catherine runs a strict gluten free kicthen, one of the only ones in the city.



And starting in March, macarons aren’t going to be the only deliciousness available for purchase. Catherine has developed a gluten free “all purpose” flour mix to launch other gourmet gluten free bakery items, like this chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, caramel brownies, small tarts, and even, pizza! Yes! Pizza! And if you’re not salivating yet, Catherine will be debuting the red velvet macaron for this Valentine’s Day, complete with a decadent cream cheese ganache. Other popular macaron flavors? Dark chocolate, strawberry and raspberry salted caramel can all make perfect gift accoutrements. As a self proclaimed macaron snob, we love Catherine’s dedication to the art and history of the macaron. She’s also clearing the air on the correct pronunciation of the treat. Say it with us: Mah-kah-RHON. Bon appetit!

Visit for more information. Bon Macaron will be open Saturday, February 14th from 11AM—4PM at 1407 W. Grand Avenue. The Bon Macaron Boutique is open by appointment only. Call to schedule a pick-up or delivery.