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Jan 26, 2015 >> Snag These At Home Beauty Recipes

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We know winter can often be the evil villain in your quest for healthy beauty. Never fear! We’re throwing shade at those low temps with three at-home beauty treatments to renew your winter skin. The best part? You can whip up these remedies with items from your pantry. We enlisted the help of Sarah Baker, Chicago-based health and lifestyle consultant, founder of Chicago’s newest wellness retreat series, Be Healthful, and the force behind Sarah knows a thing—or five!—about keeping a glowing and healthy figure. Her wellness retreat, Be Healthful, brings together the top integrative health and wellness practitioners to connect women who share a passion for holistic health.

We cozied up at Sarah’s house to bring you the best healthy beauty advice we could find. The winter ain’t no thing, so say goodbye to the blotchy spray tan, dull skin and lackluster hair. We’re hooked on Sarah’s DIY at home spa treatments—and you will be, too!

G&F BLOG_sarah baker_body scrub

THE PROBLEM: Blotchy Spray Tan (caused by the need to be tan in negative temps)
THE SOLUTION: A silky smooth body scrub
HOW-TO: Mix all ingredients together and use generously to exfoliate your body.
SARAH SAYS: When getting an organic spray tan—or when you want to slough off dry, flaky, dead skin—you need to make sure you are gently exfoliating. I like using brown sugar as an exfoliating property in my remedies because it isn’t too abrasive on my skin but it gets the job done! I use this body scrub twice a week for optimal results. I don’t exfoliate too much though because that could leave you with irritated skin, which is no bueno. 


G&F BLOG_sarah baker_face mask

THE PROBLEM: Dull, Tired Looking Skin
THE SOLUTION: A hydrating papaya mask
HOW-TO: Puree or mash the papaya, blend it with the oats, honey and lemon, then massage into your face and leave on for about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
SARAH SAYS: Papaya is believed to improve the tone and texture of skin when used topically. I scoop out about a quarter of a papaya half—and then I eat the rest!


G&F BLOG_sarah baker_hair oil mask

THE PROBLEM: Dry, Brittle, Too-Much-Winter Hair
THE SOLUTION: A really good oil mask
HOW-TO: Blend all oils together, and massage into your scalp. Comb the oil down to your ends (or use your hands) and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Wash hair.
SARAH SAYS: When I lived in Istanbul briefly about a year and a half ago, I stocked up on some really great essential oils that came from local apothecary shops. I started using grape seed oil on my face and rosehip oil as a scent. It was fantastic, and I didn’t look oily at all!  A lot of people are afraid of oils, but they really penetrate the skin. I also brought back the oils to Chicago and incorporated them into my other beauty routines which is how I came up with this strange oil remedy for my hair. Since my hair is colored, I use the mask once a week to keep it smooth and shiny.

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