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Jan 12, 2015 >> #5MinutesWith: Juicing + Selfies

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We’re kicking off our first issue of 2015 with a mix of style—and a whole of juicing! To celebrate our ‘Let’s Get Juiced’ feature, we asked a five creative babes with a penchant for healthy living to dish their guilty juicing pleasures. The result? A tell-all of New Year’s Resolutions + the sweetest selfies to boot.

WHITNEY MIDDLETON, creative director eDrop-off
Favorite juice recipe?
The greener, the better! I immediately feel revived & healthier when I have one. I love the Green blend at Trader Joe’s because it’s got a whole pound of spinach in there! It tastes nice, too.

How do you start your day?
After not hitting snooze (a 2015 goal!), I get up and drink a pint glass of water with lemon before a very necessary cup of coffee. My TV is always tuned to WGN Morning News because laughter is my #1 mental-health workout.

New Year Resolutions?
To broaden my horizons and subsequently welcome whatever that brings into my life… and to stop hitting snooze. 

Can you pick a favorite juice recipe?
I have lots of favorites! Hard to choose. But right now (and the one I am holding in my FIRST EVER selfie) is:
2 big leaves of chard; 2 stalks of celery; 1/2 cucumber; 1/2 grapefruit; a ton of fresh mint; 1/2 a lime (squeezed in at the end).

What do you call this?
I made it up! Let’s call it “I’ve Never Liked Grapefruit Until Now AKA Mint Really Helps” juice. Seriously, I did want to start incorporating more grapefruit into my diet (Palomas don’t count). I found that I really love it with cucumber and mint. You don’t have to eat it straight up to get all the awesome benefits. Mix it up to find a way you love it.

New Year Resolutions? 
On my birthday (which is the first week of January) I make up birthday goals. Kind of like resolutions, right? There’s something cool about being one year older and reflecting on the new year ahead of your life. I break them up into three categories: Personal, Relationships and Business. I love pulling old goal sheets out to see what I’ve accomplished and maybe how a goal doesn’t even matter to me anymore. Wanna try it too? You can head here for a worksheet.

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Favorite Juice? 
Owen + Alchemy’s #15. I pick it up at the Allis. Why do I love it? That kicky ginger! It’s most excellent for the body and a super way to banish afternoon drowsiness. I follow up with turmeric in warm lemon water at night to bring the pH up and, added bonus, it totally knocks me out! And I really really love fresh-squeezed pineapple juice. 

New Year Resolutions?
No New Year’s resolutions per se. But always working to improve! Seriously, though. Always. Last year I did make it a point to spend more time with friends and that worked out great. I’m getting away to rejuvenate in Puerto Escondido this month with a visit to the seaside tropical hideout my super raw juice-y foodie friend Lynnette presides over and I look forward to setting some intentions then. I do want to meditate more often.

KRISTEN KAZA, No Small Plans Productions
Favorite Juice? 
I like to have greens in my juice and the mint makes it pop. Let’s called it the “Fresh Kick”!

How do you start your day?
I have a husky pup who is high energy and needs lots of exercise, so she gets me up first thing in the morning.We go on a few walks/jogs each day. She’s keeping me moving during the doldrums of Chicago winter! For breakfast, I’ll usually have a combo of fresh juice, oatmeal with nuts & maple syrup, or eggs with veggies. Coffee, always!

New Year Resolutions?
Drink more water! Seems simple yet it’s hard to keep up with.

HELEN BERKUN, photographer and stylist
Favorite juice recipe?

The Kale + Ginger + anything green is my favorite combo. I made one this morning with a whole bunch of stuff like kale, ginger, lemon, green apple, pear, kiwi, baby broccoli, aloe vera leaf (I buy a plant and cut off a leaf or half every day), chia seeds, flax seeds and coconut water.

Is there a story behind it?
I love the lemon and ginger combo in anything, so I typically mix and match and sometimes I substitute kale for spinach or other greens. If I don’t do broccoli, I’ll add an avocado instead. It just depends on my mood and my fridge. This one doesn’t have a name but let’s call it Helen’s Emerald Potion! Emerald is my birth stone afterall!

New Year Resolutions?
We should all add kindness in our resolution list. So many people are hurting one another these days. The news is simply depressing. We all must be kind to one another and empower each other.