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Jan 30, 2015 >> Star Crossed Spirits at Headquarters Beercade

G&F BLOG_Headquarters Beercade Couples Cocktails

Headquarters Beercade knows a thing or two about creating the perfect pair—home of the delightful hybrid of an arcade + a  bar = beercade! And since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re all imbibing with a little romance. We enlisted the help of head mixologist at HQ, Tim Williams, to shake us up a pair of cocktails suitable for modern day lovers. And what’s so special about these delectable drinks? Like any romantic chemistry, there are plenty of ways to mix a similar drink. So Tim took the same ingredients, changed the liquor base then created two like-minded cocktails that are perfect pairs of each other.


Inspired by Hearts Day, we’re showing you how to serve up a couples cocktails with two recipes that complement each other perfectly. Watch above to see how Tim shakes and stirs these star-crossed spirits into perfection. For his and hers. Or hers and hers. Or his and his. Or his and his and hers. And snag the recipes below to try at home. 

Shaken version
2 oz dark rum
1 oz cinnamon, garam masala + cherry syrup
0.75 oz lemon juice
3 darling dashes of aromatic bitters
lemon wheel

Stirred version
2 oz scotch
1 oz cinnamon, garam masala + cherry syrup
3 dashing dashes of aromatic bitters
lemon swath

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