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If there is one thing we like at G&F, it’s fun. Without it, who cares. We’re looking back to a whole year of the F word with a list of some of our favorite moments. From a road trip to Nashville in the spring to a Bob Fosse tribute for our Summer Swim editorial, we’ve got plenty of goodies to reflect upon with a great, big smile. What will 2015 bring? Who knows. But one thing is for certain: we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously trying to figure it out. And until then: sit back, relax and get ready to take a peek as we unveil our Best Of moments from 2014. >>

MOST MOUTHWATERING MOMENT: Thanksgiving Pie. Of course.
Runner Up: The Boulevardier from Henry’s Swing Club

BEST USE OF METALLICS: G&F x Top Shop Live Fall Fashion editorial
Runners Up: #GoldistheNewBlack from G&F Holiday Fashion; the shellacked dynamic duo behind Goldplaited

MOST PUNS USED IN A SINGLE EPISODE: Talking plants with Sara Gasbarra

MOST INSPIRING: Bobbi Brown talks inner beauty
Runner Up: Jeraldine Mendoza of the Joffrey Ballet’s Swan Lake

BEST BUTT: Burlesque star Michelle L’Amour, obviously.
Runner Up: Valentine’s Day Model Carly Russ in ‘Love Fool’

BEST WANDERLUST MOMENT: Our moving postcard from our G&F Travel shoot in Nashville
Runners Up: A map to Uptown with Jay Michael; A peek behind Lost Girls’ Vintage vagabond business

MOST MESSY SHOOT: Stuffing our pie holes at Bang Bang Pie Shop
Runner Up: An impromptu marshmallow eating contest in Nashville

BEST FRANCOPHILE MOMENT: The incomparable Charles Ifergan, naturally.

MOST VISITED STORY: #GFMusical—of course! Who can deny a Musical Theatre tribute?
Runner Up: A Walt Disney twist on Fall Beauty

BEST BUNNY: Two live bunnies—Ricky and Lucy!—on set of ‘Hello, Love’ Glossed & Gowned shoot
Runner Up: Visiting the Grand Geneva, a former Playboy Club

MOST LOL MOMENTS: G&F! Summer! Playlist!
Runner Up: Sugar Skull DIY with Shannon O’Brien; Momma Cuisine

Runner Up: Ropin’ steer in Nashville; Spills and chills on the slopes in Lake Geneva

BEST DIY: Valentine’s Day Doggie Candles (a.k.a The cutest thing you ever did see).
Runners Up: New year, new you beauty treatments with Indie Lee; a boozy back-to-school special with Jourdan Fairchild; six of the coolest tutorials for that special dude in your life

BEST COSTUMED MOMENT or IMPRESSION: A rare double Julia Child impression with Momma Cuisine
Runners Up: Big laughs (and lots of glitter) with Lisa Gaye Dixon of A Christmas Carol; Toreador/Fogo de Chao Halloween special with Kiki Luthringshausen; Lipsyncing models in our Holiday Sing-a-Long


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