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Oct 27, 2014 >> It’s Vaportini time! We check out the latest drink craze [VIDEO]


We’re getting spooky with spirits at mEAT restaurant in their Streeterville location with co-founder John Dalton. mEAT offers gourmet skewers, fondue, paleo and gluten free menu options, and molecular cocktails that a cook, health nut, or chemist could all appreciate on the same palate. John slips the fondue for this segment and brews us up a Vaportini—a drink that’s inhaled rather than swallowed.

With the help of some heat—and maybe black magic!—we heat up some alcohol and watch the crystal ball fill up with vapor. Breath into the Halloween spirit and Stop by mEAT to get a whiff of this ghoulish cocktail. Bonus points if you dress up like your favorite villain.

 Visit for more information and their two Chicago locations