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Oct 20, 2014 >> We Werq it out at Pilates ProWorks [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Pilates ProWorks

It’s no secret regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy skin. Physical activity promotes healthy circulation and blood flow to skin cells for healthy and luminous skin. But blah blah blah… you already know all that jazz. So we’re upping our game in the name of healthy skin and beauty! And since we’re talking about everything feel good beauty this issue, we’re working up a sweat at the new Pilates ProWorks in Lincoln Park.

 The new studio is super clean, polished and sleek while providing a fun, motivating environment to work out in. White walls are dotted with cheeky inspirational sayings that are sure to make you smile. But the sleek interior is just a cool facade to what lies within. This challenging workout features the ProWorks superstar, the FitFormer: the only Pilates-based equipment on the market that’s designed with a traditional Pilates class and any new contemporary-based exercise. The FitFormer is also onger, wider and more comfortable than any other reformer (no more excuses for all you giants–this baby can accommodate clients up to 6’7”). It’s sort of like Pilates on acid. No. We take that back (because that sounds horrible!). It’s like Pilates on superdrive. You’re getting a longer and more active stretch and burn. The FitFormer is going to work you out.

Watch us work it out all in the name of health and beauty in the video above.

Pilates ProWorks, 2128 N. Halsted Street. Visit for more information and class schedules.