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Oct 1, 2014 >> Meet the Idle.Wild duo

Peas in a fashion pod. At least that’s how Rhea Fernandez and Angela Carroll, the striking team behind indie label Idle.Wild, like to think of themselves. The two met while modeling and knew instantly that they must create something together.

“We think conceptually, speak in unison and often show up wearing the same things,” says Rhea who immediately fell in love with Angela over a shared connection of shopping in the menswear department. And that personal preference for more masculine cuts and finishes has been a cue for the design of their fledgling line. “There is very little that is delicate or overly feminine about what we create,” Rhea says, “It speaks to the wild woman in all of us.”

GF-BLOG_IdleWild Portraits

Wearable art? They tout it as such and we’re biting. The tightly edited line features a small collection of luxury items that are the epitome of the statement piece. From oversized scarves with graphic prints and t-shirts to one of our most recent obsessions: the gold metallic Hammered clutch, we’re picking up the vibe the Idle.Wild duo is putting down. And because of all this retail beauty, we can’t help but want to take a peek inside their day-to-day to see what’s inspiring these two wild women, both in the studio and out.

What’s in in the Idle.Wild name?
Angela: Idlewild is the name of a town in Michigan where my family has owned property for generations. My memories in Idlewild are some of my richest and most treasured possessions. Time spent away from normal life, in the company of loved ones, exploring, laughing, purely existing. Barefoot and running wild. Our name is an ode to those moments in life when you feel the most free, of mind and of spirit.

We die over your metallic clutch—what inspired this piece?
Rhea: We’re obsessed with that piece too! It is something that you can be rough with and it will only look better. When we were first designed it, we fell in love with the idea of this perfectly imperfect statement piece. When you think about it, our HAMMERED CLUTCH [photo A] is just like this beautiful city that we live in: massive, full of character and not without flaws but those flaws are an inseparable part of the story. 

GF-BLOG_IdleWild Inspiration Board

Idle.Wild explores the masculine/feminine line in a very smart way. Tell us where the inspiration flows.
Angela: Our TRIANGLE POUCH [photo H] made out of African Mudcloth is so cool because it’s such an interesting shape. We both love to travel and are so inspired by things that carry traces of other cultures, as we both ourselves are multi-cultured.

Rhea: Our sheer black shirt with the face printed on it is another standout for us. It’s bold and yet so effortless. It’s also very Chicago inspired as we stole the drawing of the face from a Chicago artist’s sketchbook: Angela’s husband, Hebru Brantley!

Where do you find inspiration during mealtime?
Rhea: BEATRIX [photo Ffor breakfast because they have a nice juice selection and comfortable seating. And for happy hour, it’s my couch and a glass (or two) of wine. I need to stop hanging out with married people.

Angela: I love Wishbone in the West Loop for breakfast! Hands down the best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had. And for cocktails? Other than one of our couches, which is the usual, I really love PUNCH HOUSE [photo C] in Pilsen. It’s close to home and has such a chill vibe. It’s the perfect place to unwind.

Inspiring evenings in Chicago—Go!
Angela: There are so many cool places to get lost and be inspired here in Chicago. A favorite of mine at the moment is SOHO HOUSE [photo E]. They feature art by very talented Chicago based artists, throw events with the sole purpose of keeping its members inspired and makes for the perfect place to unwind with friends over wine and good conversation.

Rhea: Whenever I have a free evening, I like to walk over to the Public hotel and go to the library with magazines and a glass of wine. The decor alone is inspiring and the ambience is perfect for a cozy fall evening.

We have to ask: what five things are inspiring you right now?
Rhea: Rhianna’s mouth, KATE MOSS’ EYES [photo B], Jhene Aiko’s voice, Willy Cartier’s hands and Philip Lim’s soul.

Angela: Freckled Faces, JOSEPHINE BAKER DANCING [photo G], Michele Lamy’s hands, berry colored lips, MUSIC FKA TWIGS [photo D]

Want more?
And visit Sir & Madame, 938 N. Damen, on Friday, October 24th from 7–10PM for a Idle.Wild pop-up shop.