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Oct 15, 2014 >> Get Centered at Rooted [VIDEO]

Here at G&F, we’re ready to try anything. And in the spirit of our Feel Good Beauty Issue, we’re tapping into our inner hippie to explore self-expression in new ways to feel good from the inside out. We headed to Wicker Park’s brand new establishment, Rooted Self Expression Center, to explore our inner awareness with a movement and voice class. Shruti Sekhri, the Founder and Chief Self Expressionist at Rooted, explains the importance of genuine connections along with acceptance and love for ourselves:.

GF-BLOG_Rooted Self Expression Center

“We have hit a tipping point where we are tired of getting lost in our smart phones.  We’re beginning to become aware of how numbing the constant ‘connection’ can be—a need to awaken our souls. We are at the start of a movement where emotional self care is important.”

Agreed. Period. We try our hand at a full immersion class at Rooted to see if we can tap into our inner lovechild. Watch our G&F Extra video below to see us unwind and connect within >>


You’re hooked now, right? We love Rooted’s philosophy of learning to accept yourself and your imperfections on a personal journey of expression. The continuous days in front of a computer screen can seem a hindrance to our best self, but Shruti recommends sneaking in small doses of expression. Try setting an alarm for an emotional check-in a couple times a day or even journaling for 10 minutes to feel a sense of release and relief. A happy and healthy interior will surely reflect a beautiful exterior. This is one beauty philosophy we can really get behind.

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