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Oct 24, 2014 >> Feel Good Beauty: Hamsa Center [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Monica Yearwood Hamsa

For our Feel Good Beauty Issue, we’re getting grounded with the ancient practices of Ayurveda (Eye-Yur-Vay-Da for those of you who want to let it roll off the tongue like a yogi). A system of traditional Hindu medicine, Ayurveda translates to “life knowledge” which is gained through our relationship with the environment. What better person to chat these principles than with Ayurveda pro Monica Yearwood, owner of Hamsa Center. We sit at her Lakeview studio to talk incorporating these ancient philosophies into a modern lifestyle to create a harmonious mind/body balance.

Detox at home with Ama Pachana, a detoxifying water made with basil leaves, fenugreek, clove, cinnamon and other spices that is aimed to enhance digestive strength, cleanse lymphatic system and stimulate metabolism.

Monica takes us through several practices the Hamsa healing oasis has to offer, including detoxification practices, massages and meditation. View our self-centering video to find rejuvenation and radiance through Ayurveda. Spread a little more Feel Good love: the studio, which sits nestled in a little urban oasis along Lincoln Avenue, is right down the street from Cafe Delicious, a vegan coffee and teahouse that has ayurvedic offerings. Fully immerse yourself in a brand new practice—Hamsa Center is waiting for you.

Want more centering? Hamsa Yoga Center, 3807 N. Lincoln. Visit for more information.