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Oct 9, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith Sydney Evan

For Rosanne Karmes, the sought-after designer of Sydney Evan jewelry, accessorizing one’s self is not only about looking good on the outside, it’s about feeling good too. The entire collection—which, believe us, is massive!—features sweet jewelry treats of all sizes and motifs aimed at sparking that emotional and sentimental attachment for the wearer. And that’s what we love about the line: shopping for yourself or a loved one becomes an experience. It’s about wearing a charm that symbolizes your relationship, your BFF or your fabulous Caribbean vacation that you dream about to help you get through the changing of the seasons.

Whatever the meaning, Sydney Evan has it. And we’re hooked. And we’re not the only ones. With a celeb following that grows by the day, Sydney Evan jewels are dotting the wrists of fashionable femmes from coast to coast.

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Did we mention that the designs are customizable, too? Roseanne and her team will be armed with 90 charms and 30 different colored beads for a Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue in-store appearance on Friday, October 17th—details below! We catch up with the designer before her whistlestop tour to talk baubles, bites and that one Sydney Evan-wearing celeb that totally had this charming designer floored. >>

We’re going crazy for your lightning bolt stud earrings and all the celestial-related jewels—we have to ask, who have you been most starstruck by in your career?
Sarah Jessica Parker wearing my love bracelet. She is a style icon and I was beyond flattered and thrilled to see her express herself through my jewelry. 

Is there a Sydney Evan piece that speaks to you most? 
There are so many pieces in the Sydney Evan collection that are special to me, however there are a few that you can find me wearing every day like my red coral hamsa beaded bracelet which was inspired by my mother who was both spiritual and superstitious.

It seems there is a lot of spiritual references in your work—what is the research process like for you, Rosanne? 
You’re right. So much of my collection was designed with a spiritual foundation. Concepts of love, luck, family and home are the cornerstone of the brand. Home is a very special place for me. I always try to picture myself wearing my jewelry at home and then try to visualize myself in the same piece for a night out. After I see the jewelry in my mind’s eye, I must feel that it expresses energy, style, goodness and versatility. At the end of the day the jewelry must make me feel good. I’ve learned many fascinating things when designing specific pieces, but the most important thing I’ve discovered is about my customers. Many have assigned specific meaning to my pieces that I may not have even thought of. I love hearing their stories of why they are buying a specific charm and what it means to them. I know I’m doing my job when I hear that my pieces are bringing them joy or comfort.

The “Less is More” trend this season is your bread and butter— your designs are trendy but they remain classic still, how do you manage the balance of not being too trendy?
I design my jewelry to be very close to my personal style. It’s classic with a twist: fashionable, on-trend and something that can worn, loved and passed on. My jewelry is designed so that it can be personalized and allows each wearer to express themselves in an individual way. Try pairing a simple, quality basic like an elegant huggie hoop with something bold like stackable and colorful beaded bracelets to make the look pop.

We have to know: What’s on your Chicago must-see—or, rather, must-eat!—list?
I am a big foodie and I can’t go to Chicago without a night out at Alinea. Every plate is like a work of art. Equally as gorgeous as it is delicious!

Meet designer Rosanne Karmes of Sydney Evan on Friday, October 17th from 12PM to 6PM at Neiman Marcus, Michigan Avenue. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 312.642.5900 ext 2117.