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Oct 15, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith Jeraldine Mendoza [VIDEO]

Meet Jeraldine Mendoza, the prima ballerina who is about to take center stage in the first ever production of Swan Lake by award winning Chicago-based ballet company, the Joffrey. Inspired by Edgar Degas, the ballet-within-a-ballet combines classical elements with a modern vision and a touch of fantasy—and of course!—breathtaking choreography.

GF-BLOG_Swan Lake

Jeraldine embodies the grace and beauty of a world-class ballerina, but doesn’t let her unique personality and style disappear into the wings. She has caught the attention of the public eye as a recipient of the pretigious Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund and you can even keep up with her adventures through her blog, A Window Seat View: Fly With Me.


What’s more feel good and beautiful than following your dreams? Jeraldine dishes about her career in dance: the feel good beauty moments of movement and finally performing the role of her dreams.

Catch The Joffrey’s Swan Lake through October 26. Get tickets and more information at