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Sep 25, 2014 >> Say Cheese! Meet the artist [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Fall Fashion Cheese Artist

For New York City-based artist Cheese, art is everywhere. The soft-spoken illustrator and creator packs a punch with graphic prints that dot Manhattan streets and galleries alike. The colors and lines are Andy Warhol-approved, introducing a revolving door of Millennial pop culture icons like Bart Simpson and Popeye suspiciously eyeing Cheese’s calling card: a wedge of candy-colored swiss, naturally. The same marking dots the NYC street art scene with wood block pieces painted in his signature color palette reminiscent of a psychedelic Mall food court. Basically: we’re hooked.

 For our line-up of art-inspired September issues this year, we teamed up with Cheese to develop a character to accompany our Fall Fashion model. At once playful, Cheese explains that this character is neither here nor there: our dotted, blue-nosed jaguar toes in the line between real and imaginary and Cheese loves the ambiguity that it creates in the story. We catch up with Cheese in his Manhattan studio and follow him to the street for his latest installation.

Follow Cheese on instagram at @CheeseNYC and visit for more information and to shop his work. And view the illustrated Fall Fashion stories here and here.