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Sep 18, 2014 >> #5Minutes with Sarah Raskey [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Fulton Market Kitchen Sarah Raskey

Sarah Raskey’s work explodes on the canvas in a wildly bold display of colors and textures. She’s like Klimt’s apprentice—employing metallics in a dizzying way to show off the cosmos. Or is it the ocean? Or maybe a lily pond. Wherever Sarah’s work takes your mind’s eye, follow along as the journey is colorful and introspective. And that introspection is purely intention. The blonde beauty’s work—that she has exhibited across the world over the last 13 years—is a direct result of her cultivation of spiritual traditions and incorporating her studies into her work.

“Art is about so much more than just what it looks like,” Sarah says, “It is about what it does to us.”

We catch up with Sarah on a lighter note at Fulton Market Kitchen—a West Loop hotspot known for its fusion of food and art. What better place to talk shop then here? Armed with all the sweet supplies—compliments of Sugar Hills Bakery—we get to work making mini, and edible!, works of art with the art pro.


It’s safe to say that we should leave the artwork to Sarah—but however the cookie crumbles, the art on these sweet treats all tastes the same: darn good!

Visit for more information. 
Filmed on location at Fulton Market Kitchen, 311 N. Sangamon Street. Visit for more info + reservations.