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Jun 26, 2014 >> We go On The Ledge for Container Gardening [VIDEO]

It’s G&F’s Green Goddess issue! From al fresco food and herbing 101, we’ve met some fab females doing good in the name of all things outdoors. And here’s another one to add to the list: Joanne Green of On the Ledge Landscaping.

With a name like Joanne Green, it must be destiny to end up a gardener. But you need a lot more than a last name to make it in the biz. With a background in landscaping that has spanned the globe—Joanne’s had work visas in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Beijing!—she’s now focusing on chic city dwellers and adding a little pop of floral fun to small spaces in the city.

G&F co-host Candis Hickman catches up with Joanne outdoors to get some of the basics down. From picking out punchy flowers like the Patriot Bright Violet Geranium to learning some lingo, Candis and Joanne concoct an overflowing flower box that is delightful and will stay bright and cheery well into the Fall. 

For more information—and go ahead! Contact Joanne for a free consultation—visit