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May 14, 2014 >> KO! We get a Boxing 101 lesson [VIDEO]

Meet Efrain Torres. He’s a boxer. And a good one at that. To celebrate the G&F Men’s Issue, we head to Reach: Beyond Fitness to get in the ring with this pro. From a jump rope warm-up—that we totally need to practice more—to the proper form for the jab 1-2, we work. it. out.

And even though we’re not getting in the ring for regular competitions (although we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on a killer embroidered silk robe), we’ve found a heart-pounding, fist-pumping work out that’s worth its weight in a one of those cool ass champion belts. Watch this G&F extra to wet your whistle on the art of the punch.

Reach: Beyond Fitness, 1709 W. Chicago Avenue. Visit for times + classes.