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Apr 21, 2014 >> Joanna Vargas shares Spring Skin Conditioning! [VIDEO]

For Joanna Vargas, being up close and personal to the stars comes with her job. As industry-touted “Skin Care Guru,” the University of Chicago grad has created quite a sweet niche in the beauty world, offering top-of-the-line facials to show off clean, clear and glowing skin. From celebs like Julianne Moore—who we have a huge skin crush on!—Joanna is the go-to esthetician for those in the know.

We sent G&F’s Candis Hickman to check out the budding beauty and her line of work at Bloomingdale’s Michigan Avenue. From Joanna’s personal mantra of creating positive beauty ideals for women to avoiding the “cookie cutter beauty decisions,” Candis gets her beauty fix on with the Joanna.

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