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Feb 12, 2014 >> G&F VDay DIY Round Up!

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re suckers for any holiday. And Valentine’s Day really has our heart. Not for the mushy, smushy, overstuffed teddy bear stuff—although, if you’re going to send us a big teddy bear, we won’t send it back—but because we just love L-O-V-E. The sentiment of making a handmade gift and giving it a loved one is something that we look forward to and our love for VDay DIY grows every year.

And in the process of planning our Valentine’s Issues, we get to meet some very fun people doing very cool things.

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This year, our creative director D. Graham Kostic is joining WGN to talk through some of our favorite DIY’s on the site—and a few that aren’t even on site yet! Take a look at the projects below & try one out today.

Bright. Colorful. Easy. These printable envelopes are the perfect way to share your Valentine’s. Extra credit: add lottery tickets or memorabilia.

We realized that the envelopes are the perfect size for a Fuji Instax Polaroid. Decorate pictures of your relationship with stickers + use washi tape to make captions. It’s a quick and easy VDay card that packs a very sentimental and colorful punch. >> FUJI INSTAX 210 WIDE FORMAT INSTANT CAMERA, $92, AT URBAN OUTFITTERS

Watch the Valentine’s Day Envelopes How-To Video
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This VDay treat combines a few of our favorite things—tasty berries, St. Germain and prosecco. It’s a sure fire hit.

For Valentine’s Day this year, we’re adding a little extra shine to this project by making our own gold-accent glasses. Using masking tape, tape rings around the glass, leaving blank the area you’d like to spray paint. Leave a lot of room for your lips! Stuff with tissue paper, take outdoors and spray the exterior gold. Let dry. Repeat. Once dry, remove the tape to reveal gold ring glasses. Use for your drink or as an accent piece on your bar for a vase or organizing your vintage stir sticks.

Watch the G&F x A Perfect Event St. Germain Sparkler How-To Video
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We hammed it up with Ms. Renaissance last year to bring you a very special VDay treat—homemade Fortune Cookies with our own silly fortunes inside.

Add a little drop of red food coloring to create souped up fortune cookies that scream VDay dessert!

Watch the G&F x Miss Renaissance Fortune Cookie How-To Video


We snagged this keychain from pinterest—where else?!—and quickly ran to Home Depot to recreate it. Using a bolt and varying sizes and shapes of nuts, we created these bold and brassy keychains for under $10.


When we had eco-chic beauty queen Indie Lee on the show, we were immediately hooked to DIY spa products. While she walked us through a few of her favorite DIY’s on G&F, we went straight to her blog to try some new stuff (Hello, Grapefruit Scrub!). So inspired, we went out on a limb and created our own concoction:

Lavender Sea Salt Scrub. Combine 1 Cup of Sea Salt and 1 Cup of Fine Sea Salt with 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil and 1 Tablespoon of Lavender Essential Oil—we like it extra strong! Mix together & enjoy.

Watch the G&F x Indie Lee At Home Spa How-To Video


We buddied up to the bar with Caroline Shields to frost some of her famous Sweet Caroline’s Cookies. While she won’t give up the recipe—and we don’t blame her!—we loved learning icing techniques from this cookie pro.

Watch the G&F x Caroline Shields Conversation Heart Cookie How-To Video

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