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Feb 6, 2014 >> #5MINUTESWITH David Daneshgar of Bloomnation

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to enroll in flower-giving etiquette 101. A bodacious bouquet can be the ultimate companion to a DIY strawberry upside down cake (yeah, we made that on G&F this week) or even that special baby blue box. But what are your flowers really saying? The art is in the details and bigger isn’t always better.

Who better to dish on flower do’s and don’ts then co-founder of BloomNation, David Daneshgar.

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The brandspankin’ new flower company BloomNation is an online floral marketplace that matches you with local florists. David, along with two co-founders, recently launched BloomNation in Chicago featuring Chi faves from Dilly Lily to Bukiety (pictured above). Opposed to ordering blindly and hoping your recipient gets what you ordered? BloomNation creates a transparent experience allowing you to see real-time bouquet making from your chosen florist. Because, let’s face it, we’re totally over stock photography flowers, too. And if you’re a newbie to blossoms, the site offers around the clock floral consulting, not only for picking the right bouquet for that special someone, but event planning too. Did we mention same-day delivery? Procrastinators unite!

We catch up with David during the busiest time of the year to talk getting the most buds for your buck.

We’re enrolling in flower etiquette 101—what do most people get wrong? 
People sometime think that bigger is better and that was the first thing I thought when we started this company. Although sometimes that rule might hold true, some of the most creative and artful pieces are minimalistic and more modern in style. The art is in the detail. 

Let’s talk some Do’s for sending flowers. 
Color means a lot. If you are just friends use neutral colors. Looking to possible move the friendship to the next level? Look at pink/purple and “radiant orchid” is a super trendy and hot color as it was just names the color of 2014.  If you are in a serious relationship look at lavender and red mixes with orchids, which are considered the everlasting flower. Vanda orchids are particularly stunning and work well with almost anything.

Also, put thought into your card. You have just picked out the most stunning bouquet from a floral artisan so now take a little time to make the message really drive home how much you are thinking of your significant other.

Order a couple days prior to Valentine’s Day. Our local florists get extremely busy in the days following up to Valentine’s Day and can only take on a certain amount of orders. By ordering in advance you can be assured that you will get what you want and delivered when you want it.

Number one Don’t?
Don’t just send flowers without trying to convey the emotion you want to illustrate. Stay away from just the classic dozen roses and show that you have put more thought into what you are sending.

Flowers are expensive, how can you stretch your dollar and get the fullest looking bouquet?
Roses go up in price more than any other flower over Valentine’s Day so look at flowers like ranunculus or anemones that are equally as fantastic and provide a much bigger bang for the buck! Another great tip to getting fuller looking pieces is to make use of hydrangeas that always look great and do an amazing job of rounding out any floral masterpiece.

We have to ask: best note you’ve ever seen paired with floral?
There was one flower arrangement that had a card with it that said this:
“Do you know what my favorite movie is? I bet you think you know, but you would be wrong. My favorite movie is the one where I don’t remember anything about the movie because we spend most of the time making out. Do you want to see if that one’s playing tonight?”

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