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Feb 14, 2014 >> #5Minutes with Frenchie Kiss

During our afternoon with the Grande Dame Michelle L’Amour, we found more tantalizing acts from a roster of burlesque starlets (and teachers!) at Studio L’Amour. And Oh La La! You’ve gotta meet Frenchie Kiss. The Temptress of Twirl gives us her spin on the perfect Valentine’s Day. From fringe and feathers to the rhinestones and beads, we love the confidence Frenchie exudes in every backbend and shimmy shake.

The francophile dishes on her favorite spots to indulge in the city and with a mom who always said “Make Today a Good Day!”, we couldn’t agree more with this sassy and brassy dancer’s joie de vivre for love and life.

GF-BLOG_Frenchie Kiss

As a self-proclaimed francophile, what are some French pickup lines we can test drive this Valentine’s Day? 
I do speak French, but I’m woefully rusty since I didn’t keep practicing after I returned from Paris. But I can say that the best pickup line always begins with a good “bonjour” and batting of the eyelashes.

And for us dumbies, is it possible to fake French?
If you’re using your tongue correctly, you’ll never have to fake French…wait, we are talking about kissing, right? 

Touché Madame! If you had to choose, what would be your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?
It would be from Valentine’s Day 2013, when I debuted a dreamy, love-filled act with my duet partner, Jett Adore. My memories from it are all peaches and feathers and sunsets, mixed with lifts and dips and sparkle.

You’ve got a big show this weekend. It’s time to pamper—where do you go to treat yourself?
Salon 1800, Urban Oasis, The MAC Pro store on Armitage, The Botanical Gardens. Just to name a few places. I love to indulge.

If you like to indulge, dish this: Most embarrassing story?
Can we pretend that I never do anything embarrassing? A lady never tells!

We have a feeling you have the most loving fans. What’s the best piece of fan mail you’ve received?
The adoration with my fans is mutual because the love notes they send me are all around a consistent theme: “Seeing you perform made me feel better about myself.” I don’t think it gets better than that.

We love that! What advice can you give women to boost body confidence and feel great in their own skin?
The secret is remembering that while there seems to be a standard model of beauty, there really isn’t. No one has ever complained about seeing jiggling flesh, so go ahead and have some dessert.

Interested in learning the art of the tease? Frenchie teaches Basic Burlesque and twirling workshops at Studio L’Amour.
And BONUS! See Frenchie in action this Friday and Saturday at City Winery for Big Sexy Show alongside Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets. VOILA!

– Alaina Africano