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Jan 21, 2014 >> Hair Today! Top Stylists talk Spring

We’ve covered a lot of beauty ground in the past few weeks—showcasing our Spring Beauty Preview and the G&F Beauty Kick-off 2014. But we’ve hardly covered hair. And what better way to get the scoop of the hottest styles for the season than to spotlight four must-know stylists who are working their chairs delivering dead-on ‘do’s for Spring. With a combined 22 years of experience and multiple industry recognitions, these creative talents talk to G&F about their favorite products, how to achieve the “IT” look this season and more.


Ladies & Gentlemen Salon and Spa, Block 37
Years in the biz: 5
Specialty: Cut + Color

What look are you excited to try on clients this season?
I’m excited to see that short hair is becoming more popular with women. We’ve seen countless new shorter hairstyles from celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Coco Rocha and Karlie Kloss to name a few.

In terms of color, balayage is a popular request among my clients and something that I expect to be quite popular this season. It offers a much softer highlight or dip dye to the hair ends. This color technique is pretty popular among the Hollywood set such as Jared Leto and Jessica Biel. 

And how do you help women take the plunge?
I follow these four steps:
Customize the style to each client: Not every client is the same and there are different ways you can enhance each woman’s natural features. I would start off by finding a haircut that’s suitable to her bone structure, lifestyle, and daily styling routine

Educate the client on hair products that enhance the look: I always want to educate clients on hair products that bring hair to life and do not leave it flat and unimaginative.

Pick a hair color that works: Hair color brings the entire look together, so I follow the product discussion with deciding the right depth and tones to use based on her skin, eye color and also the season.

Start to balayage: After deciding the appropriate color palette, I would use a balayage technique to lighten hair around the face to give a very natural and sun kissed effect to being a healthy glow to the skin.

Favorite product—GO!
Aveda Smooth Infusion style prep smoother. It is a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant and something that I use on almost everyone. It’s a great foundation to any style.

If you could channel one classic starlet to bring her hair back, who would it be?
Twiggy [PICTURED]. Her short hair is iconic. Plus, now that we’re seeing more short hair in fashion, it’s the perfect time to bring back the Twiggy influence!

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Maxine Salon
Years in the biz: 8
Specialty: Cut + Styling

What inspired you this season?
L’wren Scott & Marc Jacobs [PICTURED] pageboy haircut; Rochas unrefined updo & Badgley Mischka’s elegant updo’ and Christian Dada for Men’s hairstyles. I loved the movies “Kill Your Darlings” and “Ginger & Rosa.” One taking place in the 1940s and the other 1960s—the hair & clothing were nothing but amazing.

Walk us through a few of these favorite trends—how do you achieve the look?
Clockwise from top left; Pageboy: Bangs are the focal point of the style. Begin to make a triangular shape starting from temple to temple meeting at a point where the head begins to round. This is an inch or two above the center of your hairline. Once you’ve sectioned it out, decide on bang shape (straight, u-shape, round). As for styling, I prefer a messy look. But sleek would look magnificent, too.

1970’s Rock & Roll: Sliced layers throughout, parted either center or slightly off. I like to run my flat over my ends in a ripple wave-like motion down the hair shaft and load on the dry shampoo the night before. Less looking in the mirror, more “who cares” attitude.

Anna Karina Fringe: Depending on where someone parts their hair, part out a triangular shape coming to a point at their part. Clip all other hair out of the way. Gather hair together and bring out at 90 degrees from the scalp. Twist once and grip. Either point cut with scissors or cut with thinning shears. Drop down and visually decide if they need more texture or should be shorter.


And on yourself? What look might you sport this Spring?
I’ve gotten pretty good about letting go of what no longer serves me, I wouldn’t be surprised if I chopped it all off. Change is good.

If you could channel one classic starlet to bring back her hair look—who would it be?
Myrna Loy, but I wouldn’t want to just channel her hair. She wasn’t afraid of being different in her time. She was breath taking, whether her hair was wild or tamed.

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Siren Salon
Years in the biz: 1
Specialty: Cut, Color + Styling

Runway to Realway—GO!
The runways were showing a lot of very sleek, low volume hair either parted down the middle or with the bang section pinned straight back. It’s a great style evolution for girls who love super sleek ponytails and topknots.

What vintage startlet embodies this look?
Veronica Lake [PICTURED]. The deep side part and that over the eye wave is iconic of her femme fatale roles of the 50’s. Although I love a modern red carpet take on her waves, a more authentic slicked down top with fluffy voluminous curls at the bottom would be very on trend for spring 2014.

How to achieve the look. Any pointers?
Hair should be blown out with zero volume. Point the dryer downward avoiding any lift at the root. Girls with fine hair should use Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream for extra shine and girls with more stubborn hair should try Kerastase Oleo-Relax. When the hair is smooth and dry, work Oribe Original Pomade evenly through hair from the root to just below the ear and comb hair flat to the head. Ends can be pulled into a low ponytail, curled or left straight. Finish with your favorite hairspray and you hair should stay in place all day.

And favorite pop culture points of reference for hair this season?
Dolce and Gabbana’s spring show featured gorgeous Grecian inspired updos covered in flowers and gold coins. I couldn’t stop looking at pictures of the hair when I first saw them. I’m also loving Jennifer Lawrence’s big 70s updos in American Hustle.

Dish it. Favorite product?
Oribe’s Grandiose Mousse has been my go to since they launched it last year. It’s a new generation of mousse.  It leaves the hair voluminous, full, and soft. No stickiness of stiffness like other volumizing mousses.

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Maxine Salon
Years in the biz: 8
Specialty: Color

You’re the color queen. Favorite spring colors?
Bleached blonde bobs. I love the look of a solid blonde, chin length or pageboy style bob. And Marigold Color. Everyone is asking for copper now, which never used to happen. This is a trend that works in a way on every color.

Any advice for those going lighter this season?
For the Bleached out Bobs: It definitely works best on the shorter length hair because it’s easier to keep it healthy. For the blonde to stay consistent and not have bands, I recommend to come in every three to four weeks. If you get sick of the maintenance and grow out the roots you will still be on trend.

For Marigold Color: For my blondes, I will alternate this coppery tone as a lowlight in with their golden and even platinum blonde. I think brunettes will even embrace this almost brassy—yes I said it!—shade as a highlight, balayaged off the root. For my redheads, I love the idea of this tone in a gloss just to add sparkle and refection of gold tones.

What inspired you this season?
American Hustle. I’m a sucker for the 1970’s. The hair, the clothes, the makeup. All of it! I loved Amy Adams flowy curls and Jennifer Lawrence’s huge coif [PICTURED].

We have to ask—favorite product you swear by?
Kerastase Styling Laque Couture.  I’m addicted to hairspray and use it daily. Whether it’s on my natural, wavy texture or on dirty hair to create a fun style. I love this one from Kerastase in particular because it doesn’t dry my hair out. It’s also light and not sticky.

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