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GISELLE WASFIE has seen the beauty industry from every angle, first as a magazine editor (that enviable job where you get to test out new cosmetics and beauty services, you know, for the good of the people), and now as the owner/founder of REMIX ACUPUNCTURE + INTEGRATED HEALTH, a unique, well, acupuncture and integrative health spot in the Loop.

The philosophy behind Remix is full of esoteric terminology, but what it boils down to is this: beauty comes from the soul, and Giselle helps bring that out of people through practices like herbal and energy medicine, crystal healing, tarot and more. “There is more to life than meets than eye,” she says. “Science, art and the human experience can all attest to that. I am drawn to what nature can teach us about existence, and fascinated by the human body and its ultimate powers of transformation, healing, change and adaptability.”

Enough about that already—bring on the new stuff! This year, she’s launching REMIXbeauty, a handmade, organic line of skin care serums based on Chinese medicine and named for the elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. She’s also debuting a new cosmetic acupuncture series that quite literally proves the connection between beauty and internal health. “In Chinese medicine teachings, one’s attitude towards life shows on the face,” Giselle explains. “So we need to balance internal health with an outward appearance.” Which is just about the best reason for staying healthy that we’ve ever heard.


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HEALTH TREND I’M SO OVER: Extreme diets!

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