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Few people take control of their health the way they should, and even fewer are inspired to help others do the same. MARK BEIER did both after realizing that his family’s health history might be setting him up for disaster. He quit his job in accounting, went to culinary school, started his own personal training business, and, most recently, founded MARK BAR, a line of healthy and natural snack bars that are delicious—and not in the way that other healthy snacks claim to be, but really, actually delicious.

“My passion for natural, delicious food—and the affect that creating this food for others can have on their lives—is what drives me,” Mark says. “I wanted to impact hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of peoples’ lives through fitness and food.” Luckily, Mark has just the sort of appeal and charisma that naturally impacts people. He’s fit and handsome, and reps a style he describes as athletically classic—pieces from Lululemon that can transition from the gym to a business meeting or work with jeans on the weekend. “It definitely has to feel comfortable. You’ll hardly ever find me in something that’s not comfortable just for the sake of fashion.”  That said, he believes there is a relationship between style and health. “Personal style and fashion can be an outward expression of what you feel like internally,” he says. “I’ve had so many clients that finally feel great on the inside, and it translates into a more positive self-expression through their clothes, hair and overall persona.”

This year, Mark Bar is rolling out a few new flavors to join the four already on its roster: blueberry almond, chocolate cherry almond, honey almond, and peanut butter chocolate.


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HEALTHY LIVING: High intensity interval training sessions at Shred415  |  Hot yoga at Om On the Range  |  Salmon, sweet potato quinoa mixture and roasted broccoli—“Simple and quick to prepare, and it hits every macro and micro nutrient you can ask for.”  |  8 hours of sleep  |  A healthy lunch from LYFE Kitchen—“It’s very clean food.”

GROOMING SPOTS: Muscle treatments at Delos Wellness—“It’s not your typical massage service.”  |  Haircuts at HALO for Men, Bucktown

INDULGENCE: Sushi from Rise—“We order a bunch of rolls and it’s usually not the stuff that’s healthy for you.”

plus watch Mark sound off on chocolate cake in our ART OF GOOD LIVING film: