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Dec 4, 2013 >> Get the Look! Vintage Holiday Glam! [VIDEO]

With ten thousand holiday parties filling up every cocktail hour from now until 2014, finding the right look that is simple, fast and festive is crucial. While on set for our G&F Holiday Gift Guide 2013 shoot, we featured some of our most spirited beauty looks. And we’re sharing them with you! Hair artist Heather Schnell stepped behind the camera to walk us through creating sleek and sexy—and dare we say, super simple?!—vintage waves. And make up artist Chrisondra Boyd puts her golden touch—applying a little gold shimmer to finish the lip  and clear gloss to pop a tinsel-inspired eye. Watch the hair how-to video below and see the make up products used to recreate this very holiday look.

Glossed & Found Get The Look Vintage Holiday Glam 



STEP ONE: Part your hair into a deep side part. To achieve the best parting for you, find the highest point of the arch in your brow, then follow that into your hairline with a rat tail comb.

STEP TWO: Set the hair with a 1-1 ½ inch curling iron and clip into a barrel curls. Take ½ inch sections starting at your new side part. Helpful Hint!: Be sure to curl the hair on the left side of your part to the left and curl the hair to the right side of your part to the right.

STEP THREE: Curl the back of your hair in horizontal sections. Once you are done curling and setting the hair, let all the hair cool for 20 to 30 mins. Our measure? The time it takes us to do your makeup.

STEP FOUR: Remove section by section and back brush each lightly as you take down the hair. To back brush, get a large bristle paddle brush and hold the hair directly up from the head. Use feathering motions to start at the base of the hair and work your way to the ends.

STEP FIVE: Once you have back brushed the entire head, start at the front of your head and lightly brush the hair down and into an S shape pattern. To create the S shape start at the roots, brush the hair back away from your face and place a clip in that section of the hair. Hold on to the clip and brush the next section of the hair forward toward your face. Place a clip there. You should be able to do this 5-6 times depending on the hair length. You will be able to see an S shape pattern occur. Continue this pattern on the sides of the head. You can leave thehair in the back loose and lightly run your fingers through it to release the curls.

STEP SIX: With the clips still in the sides, take a strong hold hair spray and spray. Let sit for a few minutes and then start to removed the clips.

STEP SEVEN: Lightly brush the sides and the back of the hair together and spray with a strong hairspray to finalize the style. To create a more dramatic style swoop one side of the hair over and bobby pin in the back.


Glossed & Found Get The Look Vintage Holiday Glam_beautyFor the lips, Chrisondra mixed MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Soulfully Rich (left) with MAC lipstick Ruby Woo (right) and finished by dusting MAC Pigment in Old Gold at the center of the lip (center).

For the eyes, Chrisondra used Naked Cosmetics Sierra Nevada eyeshadow and applied a top coat of Bobbi Brown Crystal Clear Gloss for a sparkling, dewey finish.

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