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Nov 11, 2013 >> G&F’s The Find is Coming!

Looking for holiday gifts? Scratch that. Looking for perfect holiday gifts? G&F will soon supplement your search with our brand new digital market, G&F’s The Find.

G&F The Find Preview_2

Ranging from unique collabs with editorial partners to some incredible pieces from antique stores and flea markets from around the world, G&F is curating a small collection of our favorite finds each quarter to help you live life a little more fabulously.

The quarterly market is the brainchild of G&F’s creative director D. Graham Kostic who brought on style maven Chelsea Lavin and asked the rest of the team to keep their eyes peeled for under-the-radar designers and undeniably awesome vintage to add to each themed market. The goal? We want you to have a piece of our cool in your home. 

With our first market right around the corner—launching November 20!—be prepared for cozy holiday classics to up the ante for your celebrations. From souped up pennant banners and stockings from designer Elise Bergman to a vintage porcelain dinner set for 6 from Austria to classic holiday vinyl, we’re giving a little nod to Bing Crosby and tinsel tree overload.

You want more, don’t you? Some additional stand-out stars are the Aterlier Azza embellished plaid scarf. Oh, and sparkly antique jewels! And a cuckoo clock. Somebody stop us before we give it all away.

But the catch? We’ve only got a few items of each piece. And for that little drummer boy ornament? Well, there’s definitely only one of him. Shop early. Shop fast. Shop The Find.

Prices for all items range from $35 to $300. G&F’s The Find launches November 20th right here on Glossed & Found.
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