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Nov 25, 2013 >> Kid Friendly Thanksgiving DIY #1 [VIDEO]

With Thanksgiving around the corner, you’ll need all hands on deck. Even the tiny little ones. G&F creative director D. Graham Kostic recruited his niece Francesca for a sweet one-on-one with Chef Alekka Sweeney of Give Me Some Sugar. The result? Fun, quirky Thanksgiving day treats that the whole family will enjoy.

The G&F Blog Thanksgiving Turkey DIY

Up first? We make funny little chocolate turkeys with candy trimmings that are finger-licking good. Although delicious, these little works of art can be used as name holders for place settings and decor. And while Graham and Alekka’s turkeys were rather charming, Francesca’s quirky turkey definitely won best in show.¬†Watch the G&F extra below to learn this very simple DIY. And stay tuned later this week for another kid-friendly project.

Give Me Some Sugar is located at 2205 W. Belmont Avenue. For classes and other projects, visit 

Costumes courtesy of Chicago Costume, 1120 W. Fullerton. Visit for more information.