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Oct 18, 2013 >> Meat Market! We sausage around with Chop Shop Chicago [VIDEO]

Are you ready for some sausage puns, people? Just in time for our current Men’s Issue, we head to the brand new Chop Shop Chicago to check out this fancy new meat market. We suit up behind the scenes to try our hand at sausage making—which, we find out, is not as glamorous as it may sound. But it sure was one helluva a good time.
Glossed & Found Chop Shop Sausage VideoArmed with the Glossed & Found Sausage Bell, we mix up co-owner Mario Minelli’s grandma’s secret recipe for a damn good link. And considering that Mario’s family has been in the butcher business for over 50 years, it’s not a surprise that our final product was just as tasty (even if we weren’t the most adept at working on the casing!). WATCH US BEHIND THE SCENES IN THE VIDEO BELOW:

Served up hot with their Italian beef and spicy giardiniera or (our favorite!) homemade sweet peppers, next time we visit the Chop Shop, we’ll definitely stay  on the customer side of the counter. Or better yet: we’ll dine in upstairs in the restaurant and leave the sausage making to the pros.

Chop Shop, 2033 W. North Avenue, 312.342.1909