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Oct 25, 2013 >> #5MinutesWith Kate Spade’s Deborah Lloyd and Brad Goreski

The thought of holiday shopping and yuletide sing-a-longs this early in the season usually makes us gag, but leave it to the stylish team at Kate Spade to instantly snap us in the holiday spirit. Last night, Bloomingdale’s Michigan Avenue polished off a presentation of the new collection—our takeaway? Girly, glitzy essentials for your nice and naughty side—and the creative leads behind the collection, Kate Spade president and chief creative officer Deborah Lloyd and brand stylist Brad Goreski, were on hand to talk all the trimmings. G&F’s Helen Berkun sat down with the dapper duo to share their holiday favorites, the collection, and the one gift that—thank the fashion gods!—kept on giving.

Kate Spade 5MinutesWith Deborah Lloyd Brad Goreski_2

G&F: The Kate Spade Holiday collection never fails—how do two creative people like yourselves figure out how to work together?
BRAD: Deborah spends a lot more time creating the collections, working with inspirations and the samples, and then I come in and she allows me to play with the baby. The trust she gives me allows us to create something new. It allows the Kate Spade girl to have a new experience.
DEBORAH: It’s so exciting for me because it takes so long to work on a collection. [Once Brad arrives] I never leave the room because I’m so excited to see the things that he puts together and it really works. It’s the most Chic-est thing.

G&F: And what was the concept of this collection?
D: “The Glitter Things that Count.” It really started with an opening of a pink bottle of champagne. You can see the bubbles sparkle. They really come to life. 

G&F: And for the Chicago girl? Which piece do you think is a must?
D: I have to say it’s this beautiful big coat with the fur collar. I sported it to Chicago. I knew it was going to be cold with some snow flurries. I love a big coat with a big collar!
B: Anyone who lives somewhere in the United States where there are actual seasons: you need a really good coat.
D: So invest in it! It makes such a statement. And it’s what most people are going to see you out and about in.

G&F: Favorite pieces—GO!
B: The Bubbles top [pictured below] is cute and fresh. We’ve styled it so many different ways. It’s one of those pieces that can transition well from desk to dinner. And I’m a big fan of trousers this season. I love the tuxedo pant. It’s a great pant to have in your wardrobe.
D: I love a bit of sparkle like the finale dress. It’s probably the one I will take away with me for New Year’s Eve.

Kate Spade 5MinutesWith Deborah Lloyd Brad Goreski

G&F: Speaking of which, where will you be spending the Holiday’s this year?
D: Antigua. I love it and I go ever year. It’s my chance to really relax and put everything behind me and come back with a really fresh eye.
B: And I haven’t been home for more than 5 days since June so I’m going to spend two weeks in my house with my dogs and my boyfriend cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been eating some amazing places but I’m ready to just be at home.

G&F: And for two of the most stylish people ever, what was the best gift ever received?
D: One year, I tracked down a beautiful vintage James Bond Rolex for my husband and he gave me an E-Type Jag 1971 called Penelope Pitstop.
B: When I was in third grade my mom gave me Crystal Barbie and she was basically “The Glitter Things that Count” girl. She had shoes with sparkle in them. I loved her so much but she’s gone now.

G&F: Now you have life-sized Kate Spade Barbie dolls here in sparkle dresses.
B: I’m telling you everything starts pretty young and influences you. If my parents told me to stop playing with Barbie dolls, I don’t think I would be doing this.

Shop the Kate Spade holiday collection in the New View department at Bloomingdale’s Michigan Avenue, level 3. 900 N. Michigan Avenue, 312.440.4460