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Jul 22, 2013 >> #5MinutesWith the owners of Frecklefarm

We’re still reliving all the fun memories of our Summer Travel issue (click here to check it out in detail!). One of our favorite stores in Harbor Country? FreckleFarm in Lakeside. On the shop’s Facebook page, owners Marge Ericksen and Jean Wilson call their shop a “real gem in the heart of Harbor Country.” And they’re not kidding. This shop is filled with unique décor items (think furniture, art, gifts, pillows and more)…and we want it all! We also want to get to know the owners a little better, that’s why we had them fill out the G&F Harbor Country survey:


Q: Why did you decide to open a business here?
A: Prior to opening the store in Harbor Country, Marge was putting her design and special event background to work at her successful gift and floral shop in Oak Park. During those twelve years, Marge had three lovely ladies that worked the front counter. She came to find out that they did not know each other before they worked at the store, but all three of them had second homes in Harbor Country. As the years past, the ladies would carry on about Harbor Country and how Marge should open a second store there. We started taking day trips over to Harbor Country and the more we visited, the more we knew we wanted to have a business and a home there. The pieces started to drop into place and before she knew it, she had two stores; Mixed Company in Oak Park and Frecklefarm in Lakeside, Michigan.

Q: Favorite thing about Harbor Country?
A: The overall beauty of Harbor Country both on and off the lake is our favorite. Couple that with the fact that it is a real escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You really feel as though you got away from it all and it is only 90 minutes out of Chicago.

Q: Favorite store?
A: We are a bit prejudiced: Frecklefarm. It is not just a retail fix. We promise a warm welcome from us and our menagerie of shelter pups. Guests will always find something that has just arrived and a footprint that changes all the time. 

Q: Favorite restaurant?
A: The Bentwood at the Harbor Grand in New Buffalo.

Q: Finish this sentence: “You haven’t really experienced summer in Harbor Country until you…”
A: …have taken in the sunset at the beach.

Q: Funniest story about a Chicago tourist?
A: We have a customer that loves to tell the story of how she came to town just to visit Frecklefarm and it turned out to be the most expensive trip ever. She bought a house in the area!

Q: Most stylish place in Harbor Country is…?
A: Oh boy, that is difficult to call.  Style is so subjective and the great thing about Harbor Country is that has something for everybody. I would have to say the most stylish place of Harbor Country is the Red Arrow Highway trek.  Red Arrow Highway is the byway that invites you to explore by getting on and off it as you travel the area.

And here’s a fun fact about Marge and Jean: Between the two of them, there is a combined 65 years in the retail, design, floral and special event space.

Visit Frecklefarm, 14913 Lakeside Road, Lakeside, Michigan, 269.469.9772 
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