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Jun 29, 2013 >> #5MinsWith Trent Wisehart, Creative Director at Tommy Hilfiger

Get ready to hang ten with Tommy Hilfiger this weekend. The preppy American brand has refurbished a ‘surf shack’ bus, loaded it with items from a TH capsule collection, artist-designed surf boards and other cool products and is stopping by cities all over the country. The bus visits North Avenue Beach this weekend. We might not be the best surfers (if only the waves on Lake Michigan were bigger!), but we do love some surf-inspired shopping and we had to get the scoop on the event from Trent Wisehart, Tommy Hilfiger’s creative director.


Q: When we think of Tommy Hilfiger, we think more classic and preppy. How did the line’s style evolve to a more laid back, surf-y vibe?
A: Prep and surf are two classic American lifestyles, so taking prep and mixing it with the laid back style of surf is distinctly Tommy Hilfiger. This collection is inspired by that mix through color, silhouette, and pattern, and really can be worn anywhere for a classic summer look with a cool twist.

Q: City you’re most excited for the Surf Shack to visit, and why? (You don’t have to say Chicago!)
A: I’m really looking forward to Chicago! My family actually lived in the area for many years and they’re coming to see me and the Surf Shack. 

Q: Favorite item in the Surf Shack?
A: I love the baja. It’s easily packable and printed on nylon so it’s perfect for a beach bonfire.

Q: The Surf Shack also features artist-designed surf boards. If you go to design a surf board, what would you put on it?
A: I am very inspired by nautical ropes right now so I would cover the board in a cool rope and knot print.

Q: Must-have beach accessory?
A: Board shorts and sunglasses.

Q: Favorite beach snack?
A: Sangria and fresh fruit.

Q: Favorite surfer movie?
A: Endless Summer is a surf classic that I’ve seen 100 times. Sight|Sound is an amazing film produced by several incredibly talented surfers that we know; we actually hosted the premiere in Montauk last summer.

Q: Since surfing and music go hand-in-hand, what do you think is the song of the summer for this year?
A: We’ve been listening to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” on the bus – that song is everywhere this summer.

The Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack will be at North Avenue Beach June 29 and 30.