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May 9, 2013 >> Get this! Remix Aromatherapy


Meet Giselle Wasfie: former Glamour magazine editor turned acupuncturist. The bubbly Chicago-based healer’s studio is a safe haven for curing what ails you. Whether it be acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping or Reiki, Giselle’s knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine combined with charming bedside manner make for an instant energy upgrade. But wait! There’s something new! Are you practically on pins and needles? Giselle’s latest endeavor takes her classic training and brings it smack-dab into your home. Meet Remix Aromatherapy, a line of five 2 ounce scents aimed to bring Giselle’s studio to wherever you need it. From calming nerves with Chill to eliminating negativity with Cleanse, the collection is as useful as it is well-designed.

We catch up with Giselle to talk style, beauty and the  launch of Remix Aromatherapy. And just so you know:  you might have to look up where your Thalamus is, too.

Q: We’re digging this aromatherapy line. Give us the scoop.
A: The sense of smell is the most powerful of all Five Senses, as it is the only one that passes straight to the memory cortex without going through the other areas of the brain first (the other four have to pass through the thalamus first). For example, when I get a whiff of Calvin Klein’s Eternity, I immediately go back to 8th grade, yikes! My all-natural aromatherapy is an organic extension REMIX’s holistic healing beliefs and lifestyle approach to overall wellness. It’s yet another tool to manage the challenges of modern life from a natural approach, as needed and on the spot, sensually.

Q: Play favorites: what’s your favorite scent from the new collection?
A: Dirty question, I like it! It would be a tie between Chill (((Night))), which smells rich, seductive but still airy and Flow, which smells like an awesome day out at the beach and sun-tanned skin and sand between your toes that feeling that leaves you wanting more.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I’m feminine but not girly. A little Downtown NYC with tanned skin and thick brown hair. If I were a store, I would be TopShop—less accessorized but just as eclectic. I don’t like to look too “done,” so I often intentionally keep my hair a bit messy and avoid lipstick. I love the combination of hard elements and soft touches—silk and metal, a pretty Pencey dress with a cropped Muubaa black leather jacket, for example.

Q: What is your personal philosophy towards beauty?
A: Stress less. Your attitude towards life shows on your face, so have a laugh and don’t take yourself so seriously, nobody likes a sour face. Be comfortable in your own skin and finds what works for your shape, not just what’s currently trendy.

Q: We have to say. You are a totally chic acupuncturist. How do you combine style + health so seamlessly?
A: Eastern medicine is very creative and individualistic. It allows me to have an energy exchange with my clients, which is an honor and big responsibility. In life, we bring ourselves to every interaction we have with others, so I think, naturally, I bring my style to the treatment table—a mix of modern and ancient flavors, let’s say—either in my personal style or in my office, where clients can listen to Kanye or Krishna Das during a treatment. My clients and I actually have a lot of fun together!

Visit for more on Giselle. And visit Remix Aromatherapy Etsy shop to purchase.