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Apr 17, 2013 >> Fitness Gone Wild!

In honor of our recent non-traditional workouts at Mariano’s (watch the videos here + here!), we’re totally hooked on getting our calorie burning in under the radar. Let us introduce you to these other crazy-cool exercise options that will make you forget ellipticals ever existed

Hope your gym isn’t the jealous type. You’re about to get your kicks in other places, with wild and unexpected workouts. We went looking for creative ways to get our hearts pumping and uncovered a crazy new world of Chicago fitness. The fun ranges from a nighttime race smattered with glow sticks to exercises you do with your dog. Get ready.

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Start this race with a clean white tee. End splattered with blue, green, pink, purple and yellow paint. As you hoof it from section to section, volunteers set off “color bombs,” which safely explode on you, drenching you in a happy shade of rainbow. Held July 20 at Soldier Field.

Your dog is already your best friend. Who says he can’t be your workout buddy, too? This fitness biz helps pooches and their owners get fit together through Bow Wow Boot Camp, held in Chicago near Montrose Dog Beach and Hinsdale. You’ll walk, jog and run together, and do strength training (using Rover as resistance, naturally).

Used to be, you had to register a charity race to raise money for a cause while you run. Now, with this new iPhone and Android app, you can rack up donation cash for a number of worthy causes, on your own time and at your own pace. Just choose what kind of exercise you’ll do (there’s everything from biking to running to walking). The program keeps track of your distance and, after set milestones, funnels donations to your organization of choice.

Planning a wedding can take you out of the Zen zone. Yoga instructor Sandra MerrillĀ is there to put you back in it. Through private and couples’ yoga sessions, Sandra MerrillĀ puts your mind-body mojo back in line before the big day. Classes include calming breathing exercises, relation-tailored movements, and customized meditations designed to build trust and companionship in lovebirds.

Go on a 3.1-mile blitz with glow sticks. The after-dark run fuels runners’ spirits with a course filled with music, lights and special effects. Celebrate crossing the finish line with a full-on dance party. It all happens on April 27 in Grant Park.