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Dec 6, 2012 >> DIY Nametags: We get lucky with Sugar Chic Designs

Sugar Chic Design’s Amy DiTomasso is a wealth of creativity—so when we asked her to contribute a DIY to the Glossed & Gowned issue, the result was truly charming. We’ll let Amy take it from here—a Glossed & Gowned guest blogger for the day:

Maybe it was one of those Oh-great-this-is-just-my-luck kind of days after a mini-series of events led you to a chance meeting with your sweetie. Or maybe you met in line at the airport after the airline lost both your luggage. When you look back at how your story began, it probably was your lucky day afterall.

Personalize your engagement party with magical little touches by creating a unique place card holders or take home favors for your guests that are distinctly meaningful to you as a couple.

Armed with inspiration, a can of super silver spray paint, some wishbones from the grocery store and some rocks from my son Dylan’s rock collection thrown in for good measure, my little helper and I got to work.

One of our favorite things to do at Sugar Chic Designs is to juxtapose ordinary everyday things you can find around your house or garden, give them a shiney new look by adding a hint of glam and re-purpose them as fun little table decor accessories or favors.

Dylan guilded the wishbones and rocks, while I created paper flags to attach to the wishbones.

Keep the name tags  simple by cutting out notched paper flags—I printed our theme “lucky in love” on the flags shown here, but you can substitute in your guests names & attach them to the wishbones to make unique place card holders or table seating assignments.

And there you have it, a simple DIY that will add a little luck and love to your very special day.

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