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Dec 5, 2012 >> DIY Boutonniere: Debi Lilly gives us insider secrets

We’re suckers for a good DIY. Actually, we take that back. We’re suckers for a good DIY that we can actually achieve. Take the boutonniere for example—the classic lapel touch for your hubby-to-be and gentlemen of honor. Leave it to Miss Debi Lilly of A Perfect Event to leak some industry stylist secrets that can save you some serious dough and give you the tools to create the perfect piece for your perfect man.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Petite Spray Rose stems, 2 spray rose blooms per boutonniere
Green leaf stems, Carnation Moss is a favorite for texture and bright pop of green
1 roll moss (masculine!) green satin ribbon, 1″ wide
1 roll floral stem wrap tape
1 box black straight pins
1 glue stick
1 pair scissors
Stylist’s Secret: “I love mixing smaller, textural blooms instead of one, large traditional flower. The finished product is much more petite, masculine…and chic.”
Step 1 >>Cut spray rose and leaf to 3-4″ long pieces.

Step 2 >>Layer 1 piece green leaf with 2 spray roses, one higher than the other in the bunch, top with second piece of green leaf.
Step 3 >> Wrap securely with stem wrap tape, which sticks to itself as you wrap it.

Step 4 >> Wrap securely with piece of ribbon, and glue stick exposed loose “end” (our favorite design detail, resembling a tiny men’s pocket square).
Step 5 >> Tuck in two black straight pins (floral tip: ALWAYS two pins, not one, for a secure fit that lasts all day long).

You think you’re done, well you’re not! Here’s a floral trick: Always make a few extras. Debi recommends 2-3 in case of bear hugs that break the florals or hot, sunny days. Keep moist, wrapped and cool until needed. And make these last—make the morning of the wedding, for fresh, sturdy blooms.
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