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Oct 11, 2012 >> You Asked. Bobbi Brown answers.

In this week’s G&F Interview, we sit down with Bobbi Brown. Before heading to set, we reached out to our Facebook and Twitter fans to see if they had any questions for Bobbi. While we were only able to squeeze a few answers into the edit—like how to diminish oil in the T-zone and how to quickly add a dewey glow to the cheeks—below you’ll find a few more of your questions for Bobbi.

Want to be a part of the action? Bobbi just launched her Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories Facebook app. Just like the book, it encourages fans to create their own beauty stories to share with a friend. And to kick off the event, Bobbi is hosting an 8-week contest where US Facebook fans can submit their story for a chance to win prizes. The grand prize? A flight to NYC and a stay at a swanky hotel. Now that’s beautiful.

Facebook Fan Cynthia asks:
How clean is your makeup drawer or travel bag? Do beauty experts keep their stuff as messy as mine?
Bobbi Says: Everything in my bag is a mini or in a palette. It all fits into one small bag- I even have mini flat brushes. I like when everything is organized so I know what I have at all times.
Facebook Fan Johnna asks:
Do you have any tips for how to use makeup to make your face look thinner?
Bobbi Says: It’s about lifting and defining your features—this will make you look your best. Wear under eye corrector and concealer to take away dark circles and brighten under the eye. Define your brows with a brow pencil or powder, and define your eyes with liner to give a lift. Highlight your cheeks with a soft shimmer and wear a lip color and gloss one to two shades brighter than your natural lip color to add brightness to your face.
Facebook Fan Michelle asks:
How do you avoid the dry under eye skin that, despite under eye cream, still looks dry and pasty with most concealers (especially in cold months)?
Bobbi Says: Choose a balm-like eye cream (like my Extra Eye Repair cream). Don’t apply powder under your eyes and use a more lightweight concealer like the Tinted Eye brighteners to brighten and lighten.