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Sep 18, 2012 >> LUCKY GIRL! Caboodles + Jouer Cosmetics Giveaway.

Glossed & Found’s motto? It’s Beauty. It’s Fashion. It’s Fun! So when we saw that the winner of our Caboodle and Jouer Cosmetic giveaway was from Chicago, we didn’t want to send the lucky gal her prize. We wanted to hand deliver it to her!

Armed with a fistful of pink balloons, a pink caboodle and Neil Scibelli, the national make up artist for Jouer Cosmetics, we surprised our winner Sarah Kincaid at the Salvation Army where she works as the Merchandising Supervisor. Neil gave Sarah a quick touch-up in the alley and we sent her on her way with her brand new Caboodle and a whole heck of a lot of Jouer Cosmetics. Congratulations Sarah!

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