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Aug 8, 2012 >> Picnic Picks! We share Bike-a-Bee Jana’s perfect picnic pairings.

In this week’s G&F Interview, we tag along with beekeeper Jana Kinsman of Bike-A-Bee to show us the ropes on keepin’ bees. After we successfully managed the hive (without one single bite!) we popped a squat at Chicago Patchwork Farms for a well-deserved picnic. Eating fresh honey by the spoonful with a beer in hand? Un-bee-lieavably good.

Want to recreate our afternoon? Jana shared her favorite honey pairings with us:

ONE >> Bread.
Jana’s Picks? Red Hen and Crumb.
Forget fancy crackers. A simple, crusty loaf is perfect.

TWO >> Cheeses.
Jana’s Picks? Try Provenance and Pastoral.
Jana suggests cheeses with good nuttiness. Her list makes our mouth-water (and our trainer shiver): Chèvre, Manchega. Parmigiana Reggiano, Roaring Forties blue cheese (pictures), and any soft goat cheese.

THREE >> Beer.
Jana’s Picks? Bright American Pale Ales like Flywheel by Metropolitan (available for purchase at Printer’s Row Wine Shop); Lagers like Shift by New Belgium (also available at Printer’s Row Wine Shop); Sorachi Ace by Brooklyn (available at The Noble Grape).

FOUR >> Salumis.
Jana’s Picks? Her favorites are by Olli from Whole Foods. Ours? We can’t get over the well-edited salumi selection at Green Grocer.

FIVE >> Fruit.
Jana’s picks? Pears and apples. But note: apples should be tart to balance the honey’s sweetness. We love a Granny Smith. Period.

Watch Jana in action in this week’s G&F Interview.