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Aug 28, 2012 >> Kit and Caboodle! Our favorite beauty case is back.

Oh, Caboodles! That little piece of plastic that was the envy of every girl on the block! And now, 25 years later, the phenomenon will resurface when the Chicago-based beauty brand will relaunch a limited edition collection of the original 1987 Caboodle—a pastel cosmetic box aptly named My First Love. On September 1, Caboodles will be releasing 1,000 My First Love Caboodles to purchase exclusively through the customer care line and on their Facebook page.

And G&F has you covered, girlfriend! Check out our Totally Tubular Caboodle Giveaway to see how you can win your very own.

In celebration of the 25th birthday, we reached out to some of favorite personalities in the city to weigh in on their Caboodle memories. The result? A totally tubular mix of radical females sounding off about their beauty experiences in the 80’s & 90’s.

Clockwise from Top Left:
Jessica Murnane, Founder,
“I thought that somehow getting a Caboodle would make my bangs bigger and make me glamorous. The reality was that I wasn’t allowed to wear make up yet—so mine was full of some chapstick, scrunchies and a hair brush. But man, did I look cool carrying it to slumber parties.”

Helen Berkun, Photographer & Stylist,
“I owned, loved and adored my Caboodle. It was a pretty mint color that my grandfather bought at a garage sale. My parents never wanted to buy me a Caboodle because it was too expensive and I wasn’t supposed to wear make up yet. Over time, I decorated it with stickers, wrote little sayings on it in a black sharpie, and filled it with glitter, glue, safety pins, Wet ‘N Wild polish and Lip Smackers. My Caboodle was somewhat of an art kit!”

Elaina Vasquez, Executive Chef,
“I used to always go through my sister’s Caboodle because she had way more make up than I did. My cousin and I would have sleepovers practically every weekend and bring our Caboodles with us and then do each other’s make up and hair.”

Patrice Grell Yursik, Founder,
“I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, and I so clearly remember seeing ads for Caboodles in my Teen and Seventeen magazines. I wanted one SO badly—they were so bright and SO cool! But sadly they weren’t available in the islands. Now that I’m an adult and I live in Chicago, I totally plan to make my teen Caboodle dreams come true!”

Monica Pedersen, Designer and HGTV Host,
“Mine was pink and jammed with a bunch of Maybeline, Cover Girl, Aqua Net Extra Hold hairspray and of course a bottle of Seabreeze and a wad of cotton balls as I was attempting to fight premature wrinkles with a very early skin care routine. I wish I had a Caboodle with me on the road now because traveling with my make up in ziploc baggies is not very glamorous.”

Alaina Kaczmarski, Co-Founder,
“I remember trying to sneak into my older sister’s Caboodle and use all of her hair scrunchies and make-up! I love the pink and teal colors, and felt cool carrying it around the house.”

Jena Gambaccini, 
“My Caboodle was purple and sparkly (something I’d probably choose today) and I kept very 90’s kid items in there—Barbie accessories and scrunchies (became mostly scrunchies after Barbie’s wardrobe got too big). In college, I wanted a caboodle to keep my jewelry in but I couldn’t find one so I bought a tackle box instead. Did the trick but definitely not as cute.”

Monica Dimperio, Founder,
“I had a gigantic pink and teal Caboodle that I would stow my collection of Lip Smackers, eye shadows, Exclamation, and Tinkerbell Peel Off Nail Polish in. Looking back, I think that was my gateway drug into my obsession with compartmental organization. Seriously, to this day, every one of my products must have their own basket/shelf! Around that time, I was feverishly reading every Judy Blume novel I could get my hands on. My fave, of course, was “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.” If you’ve ever read it, you’ll understand why the bottom tray of my Caboodle was filled with feminine products siphoned from my mom’s bathroom. Not that I needed them but I was desperate to become “a woman” and thought that having those around might speed up the process. They didn’t but I still felt cool having them when my friend’s came over. Sorry Mom!”

Snag your own Caboodle on September 1 by placing an order through the customer care number (800.226.9868) and Facebook page (