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Aug 14, 2012 >> G&F IN TOWN: Word to your mother! We’re talking fashion with Vanilla Ice.

Most of us know him as Vanilla Ice and for his smash hit Ice Ice Baby! We at G&F know him as Robert Van Winkle. Rap legend. Real Estate mogul. Host of The Vanilla Ice Project on DIY. And, our favorite, 90’s fashion icon. Yes, icon. This past weekend, we caught up with the fast-talkin’, no-filter hip-hoppin’ legend at the Players Sport and Social’s The Big Dig Beach Volleyball Tournament to ask him about his wild looks through the years. Armed with an iPad full of pics from our favorite fashion moments from the Ice age, G&F’s Amanda Puck captured Ice’s reaction—and just for you, we’re sharing the unedited version below.

About that Cool as Ice movie poster… “Winning. Neon. Right there. And it’s back full force. Drop that zero and get with the hero! I did Zumba the other day and I was the original Zumba guy. I was rocking the colors way back then!”

About that Arsenio Hall outfit… “Dope ass outfit. Blinged out big time awesome.”

[Editor’s note: We agree, Ice. Totally blinded out big time awesome. We love bling.]

About that shot with the, um, boner… “That is awful. The good thing is that I had a full on hard-on.  That is great. The secret to success right there.”

[Editor’s note: We’re not sure if that image was doctored or not. Verdict is still out. But regardless, that was ballsy of us to bring up. Get it? Ballsy.]

About those black nails… “This is probably from the Hard to Swallow album when I was doing the rock record. I change colors. You have to be versatile.”

About that classic B&W shot… “It’s amazing because at one point this is like the picture your grandmother pulls out and shows her friends and you are embarrassed of them. I hated it! This pic is the sign of times of 1991. And now I laugh my ass off at it.”

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